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A Midsummer Night’s Dream available online in MFFEV5 format

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve published A Midsummer Night’s Dream in our MFFEV5 edition, which allows you to see  and configure the play online in Parts and Cues, Highlit Text, and with multiple castings.

We’re particularly pleased because the software we use to convert MFFEV1 plays to MFFEV5 seems to be working much better than expected, and so it looks as if we’ll be able to add to the edition much faster than we had hoped. We plan to publish two more plays before Christmas: Hamlet, and The Taming of the ShrewOnce those two are published, we’ll be going quiet on the publication front until the New Year.

This excitement extends to the value of the MFFEV5 edition itself. We’re finding unexpected benefits all over the place. Most surprisingly, we’re finding it easier to proof-read new plays online.

The most significant change will have to remain under wraps until the New Year. Until now, we’ve seen the MFFEV5 as a resource for play-reading groups to arrange full-scale play-readings. However, now we are starting to implement play-readings for two, three, or four players, and not for whole plays, but for particularly interesting scenes.

This means  that you, with your partner (or someone you’re hoping will become your partner), will be able to read the love scenes from Romeo and Juliet. My partner and I have already tried this out, and it was quite charming! But not only love scenes: you can play out the murder of Desdemona by Othello; play Hotspur keeping Lady Percy at bay; be Lear, rejected by his daughters and facing up to the storm.

All this to whet your appetite, for what should be arriving in the New Year. Watch this space! In the meantime, if you want to know more about the MFFEV5 edition, your best starting place is MFFEV5 where you’ll find posts about various aspects of MFFEV5 and links to the plays published in that edition.

In the mean time, keep playing – and enjoying – Shakespeare.

‘The Director’,
Don’t forget – for feedback on the MFFEV5, email us at mffev5@icloud.com
See more about Parts and Cues on our Playreading Page.


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