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As You Like It – June’s Play of the Month

It’s the beginning of June and so there is a new ‘Play of the Month’ for you. It’s As You Like It.

We’ve upgraded to the text to improve spelling, convert to modern punctuation, and implement ‘shared lines’, and expanded the number of cast lists we provide.  This should make the text much easier to use for lots of different groups.

We’ve found more ways of using our casting software to suit all sorts of different uses. With As You Like It we’re providing cast lists  to support: schools / home-schoolers who want to play particular scenes from the play; provide cast lists for play-readings from 6 – 15 players to play-read the play; and many of these cast lists could be used for performances; small-scale gender blind productions; the original Elizabethan cast list (for 20 players); and performable cast lists for 13 – 15 players derived from the original cast list. You will find links to all these cast lists on the sidebar on the right.

We also publish reviews of production(s) of the  play; play-reading reports; and other interesting information about the play.

We think this version of As You Like Itwith its cast lists, can be used by a number of different groups as shown in the table below:

 Home SchoolingDrama ClassPlayreadingProduction
Scene Cast listsExplore playExplore playTry out play-readingScene rehearsal
Small cast lists
(05 - 08)
Playread playPlayread playPlayreadingGender-blind prods.
Medium cast lists
(08 - 12)
ProductionGender-blind prods.
Large cast lists
(13 - 16)
ProductionPlayread play /
PlayreadingLarge-scale cast
Original cast lists
(20 - 40)
Explore for
Explore for
Large Group
Large-scale cast
Production reviewsHome viewingGroup viewingGroup viewingGroup viewing
Playreading reportsExplore PlayExplore PlayExplore PlayExplore Play

There are now three plays that you can use in this way: As You Like It; Macbethand Romeo and Juliet.

Each ‘Play of the Month’ that we publish from now on will be in a similar form.

You can always see the plays we have published by going to our home page, where there’s a table of published plays. Click on the name of a play you want to explore, and you’ll be taken to a ‘Home Page’ for that play.

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