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Top tips when editing Shakespeare

Lots of people ask me how can I bear to cut and edit Shakespeare down to sometimes 45 minute versions. I say I believe one minute of Shakespeare can affect you so 45 is quite alot! But I think my main objective when cutting down the plays is to help make it accessible for as many people as possible to enjoy and experience the great pleasure I think Shakespeare can …Read More

Six tips for performing Shakespeare soliloquies

    Learn your lines beyond learning… If you don’t know the lines so ridiculously well that nothing can unbalance you, you will not be able to fully put your attention on the audience, because you will be scared that their coughs, looks away, laughs, actual true engagement will throw you. Practise the lines with someone throwing bean bags at you, or playing tie rugby or piggy in the middle …Read More

Performing Shakespeare soliloquies using the Gonsalves Method.

The Gonsalves Method is very clear when it comes to working with another person. It is after all about reading and responding and making your performance dependent on the other actor. It works to help you truly match the old adage “acting is reacting”! But what happens when it’s just you up there and you’re on your own? There’s nothing to respond to I hear you say. I have to …Read More

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives, Stakes , Entitlement Tactics

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives, Stakes, Entitlement Tactics – How these help create truthful acting. Fill in these blanks for every scene and I believe you have a really strong way to get an actor to begin their journey when rehearsing. You may be amazed to know at Butterfly Theatre this is all we need to start rehearsing. Now to be fair, my actors all come with their lines entirely learned …Read More

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives are essential to good acting.

Objectives are essential to good acting. What are they and how to act truthfully with them? One of my favourite scenes ever written is the scene between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Act I Scene VII where Macbeth has just convinced himself that, contrary to the prophecy and his promise to his wife earlier he will not murder King Duncan that night. “I have no spur to prick the sides of …Read More

An RSC director’s approach to the ‘The Dream’

Editor’s Introduction: I am very pleased that Aileen Gonsalves, Artistic Director and founder of Butterfly Theatre  (www.butterflytheatre.com),  director at the RSC, and originator of the Gonsalves Method, has agreed to write for Players-Shakespeare.com.   I first met Aileen at the RSC Big Week-end, where she gave a very impressive masterclass on directing, which introduced me (and the other attendees) to the Gonsalves Method. You can read my review of that workshop …Read More