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Game of earphones. Sorry, what? (Updated)

So, Games of Thrones, eh? Did you hear the latest? About how the actors won’t be getting scripts any more? . ‘Sorry. What?’ . The production company says because scripts keep being leaked, and the fans are finding out the story before it’s even filmed, the only solution is to not give the actors a script at all. They’re going to feed the actors their lines through an earpiece, line by …Read More

Shakespeare Cue Scripts – “But what’s my ‘through line’?”

It was my first experience of playing Shakespeare using parts and cues. As I got up to read I asked ‘what’s my character’s through line?’ It was a gift to the workshop leader. ‘Aha! ‘ said he. ‘That’s one of the main differences you’re about to experience.’ . I was perplexed. I was a young student of modern theatre. The ability to sustain a character through a whole play was something …Read More

What’s it like writing with a quill?

Not having any ink and it being past midnight I thought why not. Blood. It’s about the right consistency. It’s free. It would probably dry to a decent deep brown. I had the makings of a rather nice quill, a long flight feather, swan probably, too white for a goose, too big for a seagull, and I had a darning needle. Though to keep with the old technology thing, it …Read More

Playreading Report: Thou art alive

Andrew didn’t like Shakespeare. . “Well,” he said, “when I say I don’t like Shakespeare, I don’t mean I don’t like Shakespeare, I mean I wish I did like Shakespeare. I just can’t get on with him. All that thee-ing and thou-ing. Men in tights. Complicated words.” . It sounded to me like Andrew had never met Shakespeare. I invited him to come over. We could hang out. Have a …Read More