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Review: (*****) RSC Big Amateur Week-end

 Introduction: I had a wonderful week-end on 13th & 14th October, at the RSC Big Amateur Week-en. With perhaps 100 other Amateur / Community Theatre actors  I worked with RSC workshop leaders in four half-day workshops to  build my / our skills in: Acting for the Stage; Movement; Stage Combat; and Voice and Text plus a Directing masterclass. And if that wasn’t enough, we had the opportunity to watch a …Read More

Playreading Report: Alls Well That Ends Well, Edinburgh 11th Dec 16

On Sunday 11th December, we ran a play-reading of All’s Well That Ends Well, here in Edinburgh. This report covers improvements to our play-reading process, and what the players thought of the play. If you’re only interested in the play, scroll down to the Heading ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’. . Improvements to our play-reading process: If you follow these play-reading reports, (you can find them at: https://players-shakespeare.com/play-readings-2/), you may have noted that …Read More

Edinburgh Festival 2016 Opens

It’s August so the Edinburgh International Festival – and the Fringe – opened this week-end. Of course, a bit like the Olympics, a few shows had already started before the official opening. We saw the official light show which opened the Festival, lighting up the castle, on the way home from seeing the Kubrick film, ‘ Barry Linden’ (lease said, soonest mended). So what does the EdFest have in store for …Read More

Homer and Shakespeare

Arrival at Ithaka Recently, instead of Shakespeare, Homer has loomed large in my life. First of all, the Lyceum here in Edinburgh put on a moving performance of The Illiad, dramatised by Chris Hannan, from Homer’s original. This is the 50th anniversary of the Royal Lyceum Theatre Comany in Scotland,  and was also the last production by Mark Thomas as Artistic Director, so they pushed the boat out. The show had a cast of …Read More

Keep Celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary

Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary came and went on Saturday 23rd April and we marked it in quite a few ways. But the celebrations don’t stop there! They will be continuing at least until this time next year, so today’s post is part to tell you how we celebrated and partly to say what you can still do. What did we do? Let’s start with the history. Perhaps the most interesting thing …Read More

How will you mark Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary?

On April 23rd, in two weeks time at the time of writing, it will be the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. How are you going to mark this significant event? We have a few suggestions. The more one explore’s Shakespeare’s work, the deeper and richer one’s experience of it becomes. Its richness seems to be without end, and so what could be better than to spend some time exploring his plays …Read More

Playreading Report: Twelfth Night (again!!!) 31st Jan, Edinburgh

We ran another play-reading of Twelfth Night last Sunday (31st Jan ’16), only two weeks after our last one. (You can see the play-reading report for the earlier reading of Twelfth Night here.) Our play-reading group is growing fast at the moment, and rather than turn people away, we decided to run two play-readings, with, as it happened, 9 players at each of them. A few people were at both readings. There …Read More

MFFEV5 – An exciting new resource for Shakespeare lovers

 We’ve been rather quiet for the last two or three months, because we’d promised to launch MFFEV5 in 4Q15. Well, it’s still 4Q15, and we’re very pleased to announce that we’re launching MFFEV5 today. It’s been rather more work than we anticipated, so we’ve all been working quite hard. I would like to congratulate the whole team for the efforts everyone has put in. Comparisons are odious, but exceptions can sometimes …Read More

The Thebans, playing in Glasgow, this week

Yes, I know it isn’t Shakespeare, but it is Liz Lockhead’s version of The Thebans, played by Scottish Youth Theatre, in Glasgow this week (Wednesday to Saturday) at the Brian Cox Studio. (Telephone 0141 552 3988 for tickets). So it’s not Shakespeare, but its kind of Ancient Greek tragedy which is nearly as good, and besides our very own reviewer Caitlin Morris is playing Antigone. If you’re in Scotland within …Read More

Review: The Globe production of Macbeth (on Screen) ****

The Globe production of Macbeth is available: As a DVD from Amazon UK for £16.74 or from Amazon USA for $17.29 From The Globe Player for rental (streaming) for £5.99 ($9) or for purchase (download as an MP4) for £9.99 ($15) We are not aware of any way of streaming this production yet Prices are indicative – check the actual price at the Vendors’ links above. If you want to know more about how …Read More