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Gonsalves Method

Top tips when editing Shakespeare

Lots of people ask me how can I bear to cut and edit Shakespeare down to sometimes 45 minute versions. I say I believe one minute of Shakespeare can affect you so 45 is quite alot! But I think my main objective when cutting down the plays is to help make it accessible for as many people as possible to enjoy and experience the great pleasure I think Shakespeare can …Read More

One Hour Merchant of Venice – Cast List for 8 players

  This post is the play-reading cast list for 8 players for One Hour Merchant of Venice. Links are given for the eight players to see the script in Highlight Text format or Cue Script format, in two tables you’ll find below.   Cast list for 8 players in Highlight Text Format   The table below provides the cast list for 8 players in Highlight Text format. The complete text …Read More

One Hour Hamlet Cast list for 9 players

This cast list give different parts for 9 players to read One Houramlet. You can  read these parts online in cue script format or highlit text. . Click here for help with Play-reading . To read your part  on the Internet, click on your Player No. below: Player 1: (Hamlet) Cue Script                        Highlit Text Player 2: Horatio) Cue Script            …Read More

Six tips for performing Shakespeare soliloquies

    Learn your lines beyond learning… If you don’t know the lines so ridiculously well that nothing can unbalance you, you will not be able to fully put your attention on the audience, because you will be scared that their coughs, looks away, laughs, actual true engagement will throw you. Practise the lines with someone throwing bean bags at you, or playing tie rugby or piggy in the middle …Read More

Performing Shakespeare soliloquies using the Gonsalves Method.

The Gonsalves Method is very clear when it comes to working with another person. It is after all about reading and responding and making your performance dependent on the other actor. It works to help you truly match the old adage “acting is reacting”! But what happens when it’s just you up there and you’re on your own? There’s nothing to respond to I hear you say. I have to …Read More

Cast of One Hour Hamlet

Characters in the play: (Original casting) Hamlet Horatio Laertes, Francisco, Player_King, Ophelia Claudius Gertrude Polonius, Ghost Rozencrantz Marcellus, Priest, Player_1 Guildenstern, Barnardo, Grave Digger, Osric, Player_2     Note that Player_1 and Player_2 are non-speaking roles only required in scenes in which Player_King appears     Also, depending on the production, you may wish to have further non-speaking Players, particularly for ‘The MouseTrap’.  

One Hour Hamlet – Introduction to the play

“Let me entreat, and beseech, and adjure, and implore you not to write an essay on Hamlet. In the catalogue of a library which is very dear to me, there are about four hundred titles of separate editions, essays, commentaries, lectures, and criticisms of this sole tragedy, and I know that this is only the vanguard of the coming years.” Horace Howard Furness, 1833 – 1912 By the 1990s the …Read More

Reheasals at The Globe for Michelle Terry’s Hamlet

Michelle Terry has been in place for a few months now as artistic director of The Globe. Her first productions, Hamlet and As You Like It , are in rehearsal, and they’re both being played by the same ensemble of actors, and are being launched towards the end of April. We plan to attend an early performance of Hamlet, and bring you a review of how it went.   The casting of these two production …Read More

Beatrice’s view of the Gonsalves Method Workshop

Aileen Gonsalves ran a workshop at Shakespeare @ Traquair on 8th April ’18 on their production of Much Ado About Nothing. The rest of this post is written by the actor playing Beatrice in that production….   Prior to the Aileen Gonsalves Workshop I read through the Gonsalves method to give myself an indication of what the day might hold.   https://players-shakespeare.com/the-gonsalves-method-objectives-are-essential-to-good-acting   What Aileen describes in the method is …Read More