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Playreadings for 2 players

Let’s Play: A1S2 The Tempest – Prospero tells Miranda their history

The Tempest starts with an enormous storm in which a boat is being shipwrecked and the passengers and crew fear losing their lives. All is sound and confusion so we (the audience) don’t get much of a chance to understand what the play is about. . All becomes clear in A1S2 in which Prospero explains to his daughter Miranda how they come to be on the desert island. In this exercise, …Read More

Let’s Play: Macbeth A2S3 The porter’s scene

After Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have murdered Duncan in A2S2, the scene ends with a knocking on the castle door. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth disappear to change, and the next scene starts. . A porter comes on in A2S3 to answer the door. He has a long speech in which he imagines himself to be a porter of hell-gate, letting in those who have fallowed the broad path to Hell. …Read More

Let’s Play: Macbeth A3S6: Lennox talks ironically about Macbeth

In A3S6 of Macbeth, shortly after Banquo’s ghost appears at the dinner, and just before Macbeth meets the witches again where the apparitions make their predictions about Macbeth‘s future, there’s a quiet little scene between Lenox and a Scottish Lord. . It’s purpose in the play, I guess, is to show how the Scottish lords are beginning to turn against Macbeth, and to prepare the audiennce for Malcolm coming North …Read More

The innovative tools we offer to explore a Shakespeare play

There has been a lot of interest recently in how you can use our web-site for play-reading Shakespeare’s plays. There are three posts which seem to have excited people: How to get started with Shakespeare play-readings How to run a Shakespeare play-reading Professional Actors Playreading Session which records how a set of Porfessional Actors used it to explore a few scenes from different plays We’re delighted that so many of you …Read More

How to make a Video Reading

Overview: If you’ve watched and listened to some of our Video Readings, you may want to record a Video Reading yourself. And when you’ve recorded it, you can send it to Players-Shakespeare.com for us to evaluate if we’ll publish it. This is what you have to do: Select one or more scenes to record – you can find candidate scenes in our “Let’s Play” menu on Players-Shakespeare.com Record your version of the scene …Read More

Playreading Report: Professional Actors playreading session, May 11th, 2017

Keen to expand the scope and range of Players-Shakespeare.com, we ran a Shakespeare reading session with a difference this week. How might this resource be used, we wondered, in the world of professional drama and theatre? To find out, or at least begin the experiment, we invited a small, specialist group of professional actors to spend an afternoon working with the texts through our platform. Our very willing participants all …Read More

Merry Wives of Windsor: Falstaff meets Mistress Quickly (A2S2)

One of my favourite comic scenes in Shakespeare is this scene between Mistress Quickly and Falstaff in The Merry Wives of Windsors. Its charms are more subtle than the more obvious favourites, but it has enormous charm. In my view, more generally, The Merry Wives of Windsor is one of Shakespeare’s more under-rated plays. The context is as follows. Falstaff is broke, and is desparate for money. He decides to write love letters …Read More

Let’s Play: Othello A4S2 ‘I took you for that cunning Whore of Venice’

Let’s play part of  A4S2 of Othello where Othello’s distrust of Desdemona becomes apparent to her. The scene requires two players. To begin with, Othello has called for Desdemona, thinking she is guilty of cuckolding him. You play the scene from her entry. Player 1 – Desdemona Player 2 – Othello . Both scripts are in Highlight Text format.  When both players have selected their role, they should scroll down in the script to …Read More

Twelfth Night: A2S4 ‘Like Patience on a monument’

  Introduction: The audio of the following video reading is taken from an episode of John Barton’s Playing Shakespeare. It’s called ‘Rehearsing a text’. Playing Shakespeare,  nine 45 minute episodes on how to play Shakespeare’s text, uses a host of famous RSC actors from the 70’s. It is the best series I know on how to play Shakespeare. It’s available on Youtube, and if you go to My Channel on Youtube, …Read More

Let’s Play: ‘I have supped full of horrors’ (Macbeth, A5S5, 2 players)

The end is four short scenes away. Macbeth’s defences crumble, his queen dies, and he almost welcomes his own death. It is bleak and – dramatically speaking – magnificent. This scene requires two players: Player 1: Macbeth (Highlit Text) Player 2: Seyton, Messenger1 (Standard Script) Play the scene from the start to the end. Let’s Play! Alan Brown, Editor Players-Shakespeare.com If you ‘like’ our Facebook page, you’ll get updates on …Read More