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Playreadings for 2 players

Let’s Play: Macbeth shall sleep no more (Macbeth, A2S2, 2 players)

Owls are screaming in the night. Macbeth has murdered his king and the ghastly consequences are immediate. He is in a cold sweat, cannot pray, and believes that he will never find rest. . Lady Macbeth is similarly condemned but doesn’t know it yet! For the moment she is confident and decisive, rebuking Macbeth for being ‘infirm’. . There is a frightful knocking at the castle entrance. Call it Hell …Read More

Let’s Play: Lady Macbeth’s dreadful resolve (Macbeth, A1S5, 2 players)

It’s been some day! The battle is won. Valiant Macbeth is the hero. The witches’ charm is ‘wound up’ and they tell him that he will be king. This is marvellous news and he puts it all down in a letter to his wife. . Lady Macbeth reads the letter aloud and wonders whether her husband is man enough to kill to become king. No matter, for she will convince …Read More

Let’s Play: Town Mouse and Country Mouse (A3S2, As You Like It, 2 players)

After Orlando has stuck poems to all the trees, A3S2 of As You Like It continues with Corin (a country shepherd) talking with Touchstone (a court jester) about their different ways of life. . Playing the scene: The scene requires two players: one each for Corin and Touchstone. Links to the two players are found below. . 1: Corin (Parts and Cues) 2: Touchstone (Highlit Text)     Start playing the scene from Orlando’s …Read More

Let’s Play: Armado and Moth play with words (Love’s Labour’s Lost, A1S2, 2 players)

Love’s Labour’s Lost is filled with wordplay, often not that easy to follow for a modern reader. And there is little less amusing than having an ancient, re venerated joke explained to you. Given that one of the themes of the play is the importance of keeping one’s word, one wonders if this playing with words is the opposite of the importance of not forswearing. In A1S2, we are introduced to …Read More

Let’s Play: ‘I left no ring with her’ – Twelfth Night, A2S2

There’s a great small scene in Twelfth Night, A2S2, where the supercilious Malvolio meets with Viola (disguised as the boy, Cesario). Malvolio has been asked, by Olivia, to return a ring which Olivia said was given to her by Cesario on behalf of Orsino, who thinks he loves Olivia. But Viola / Cesario hasn’t given Olivia a ring. She doesn’t tell Malvolio this, so he is unaware of the subterfuge …Read More

Let’s Play: Romeo and Juliet in love (Highlit Text)

Let’s play Romeo and Juliet in love! This page let’s two players play the main love scenes between Romeo and Juliet in Highlit Text format: – Act 2 Scene 2: The Balcony Scene – Act 3 Scene 5: The Morning After Scene (If you want to play these scenes with 3 players, in Parts and Cues format you’ll find it at: Romeo and Juliet in love (Parts and Cues) ) First Scene (Act …Read More

Let’s Play: Henry IV telling off his son

Let’s play the scene from Henry IV Part I,  (Act 3 Scene 2) where Henry IV tells of his son for being a reprobate, etc. Henry IV, beset with rebellion, is upset with his son, Prince Hal, who is behaving like a reprobate, and is not at home much, and is not offering his father any support. This needs two players to play the scene. The two roles are: Henry IV (Parts and Cues); Prince Hal (Highlit Text) . …Read More

Let’s Play: Petruccio wooing Kate the Shrew

Let’s play the scene from The Tamiing of the Shrew, where Petruccio woos Katherine – the shrew. Petruccio, in poverty, is looking for a rich wife. He hears of Katherina, the rich daughter of Baptista Minola, who has a reputation of being a shrew, perhaps because of the silly men she meets through her father. Petruccio comes to woo her. The two roles are: (click on the link to get the script) Player 1: Petruccio (script …Read More

Let’s Play: Hotspur teases Lady Percy

Let’s  play the teasing love scene between Hotspur and his wife Lady Percy (Act 2 Scene 3). Hotspur is planning a rebellion against Henry IV. One of the conspirators has written advising him to be cautious. Hotspur’s wife enters, and wants to know what is going on, but Hotspur won’t tell her, to protect her (and himself). . 1st player’s part: Hotspur: in Parts and Cues format 2nd player’s part: Lady Percy and …Read More

Let’s Play: Othello murders Desdemona

Let’s play the death of Desdemona, murdered by Othello (start of Act 5 Scene 2). Othello, having been driven mad with jealousy by Iago, has sent Desdemona to bed, and now arrives to murder her. Click on the links below to get the player’s script: 1st player’s part: Othello, in Parts and Cues format 2nd player’s part: Desdemona, script in Highlit Text format Play the scene until the entry of Emelia. If you need help, check …Read More