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Playreadings for 3 players

RSC Workshop: Acting for the Stage

Introduction: This workshop was given at the RSC Big Amateur Weekend in The Other Place (the RSC rehearsal spaces)  on the 14th& 15th October. You can get an overview of the week-end’s activity at: RSC Big Amateur Weekend. . The workshop leader was Annie Tyson, a practitioner of RADA, amd a Guest Practitioner of the RSC. Annie is a freelance, and so can undertake workshops with intereseted groups. To ask Annie …Read More

Let’s Play: The Merchant of Venice A1S3, Antonio borrows money from Shylock (3 players)

In Shakespeare’s plays, the first scene in which a principal character appears is often very revealing about that character and their situation. In particular, much can be understood about the character through their lines, and the  cues for those lines. . There is a good reason for this. In Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre companies, including The Lord Chamberlain’s Men and The King’s Men (the theatrical companies Shakespeare was  a member of) there was very …Read More

Let’s Play: The Merchant of Venice, A1S1 (3 players)

When we set-up a “Let’s Play”, it’s usually to demonstrate the particular emotions that a character or characters are going through; or to show some particularly interesting bit of action, but this “Let’s Play” serves a different purpose. . I hope it will demonstrate some of the uses of language that Shakespeare uses to help his actors (both those of his own time, and those of our time). It is …Read More

Let’s Play: Macbeth A4S2: ‘All my pretty Chickens, and their Dam!’

For the Jacobean audience; the playwright; and the actors at  at the premiere of Macbeth the  Gunpowder Plot of the same year loomed as large in their consciousness as 9/11 does in our day.  That affected the structure and content of the play: the illegitimate overthrow of kings by violent means; the Porter’s reference to Equivocators; the involvement of witches and the devil; the eventual overthrow of Macbeth. . For the modern …Read More

Let’s Play: Love’s Labour’s Lost, A4S2: The preyful Princess pierced and pricked a pretty pleasing Pricket (3 players)

Last week, we published a post suggesting you played The Porter’s Scene in Macbeth ((Let’s Play Macbeth, A2S3: The Porter’s Scene).. One of the reasons we suggested this scene, is because it’s really quite difficult to get the dark humour of  the Porter to come out – but if you do, it’s really very funny. . Cam Culham offered some good advice  on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/playersshakespeare/). He is currently …Read More

The innovative tools we offer to explore a Shakespeare play

There has been a lot of interest recently in how you can use our web-site for play-reading Shakespeare’s plays. There are three posts which seem to have excited people: How to get started with Shakespeare play-readings How to run a Shakespeare play-reading Professional Actors Playreading Session which records how a set of Porfessional Actors used it to explore a few scenes from different plays We’re delighted that so many of you …Read More

Shakespeare’s use of Blank Verse (The Merchant of Venice)

We’ve said that Shakespeare provides pointers  to an actor on how to play a speech. He does this in many ways, and in this post we’re going to focus on how he uses blank verse to provide such pointers. Of course the player can choose to ignore these pointers and say the speech as thought appropriate, but, it is at the very least, interesting to see what Shakespeare is suggesting. …Read More

How to make a Video Reading

Overview: If you’ve watched and listened to some of our Video Readings, you may want to record a Video Reading yourself. And when you’ve recorded it, you can send it to Players-Shakespeare.com for us to evaluate if we’ll publish it. This is what you have to do: Select one or more scenes to record – you can find candidate scenes in our “Let’s Play” menu on Players-Shakespeare.com Record your version of the scene …Read More

Playreading Report: Professional Actors playreading session, May 11th, 2017

Keen to expand the scope and range of Players-Shakespeare.com, we ran a Shakespeare reading session with a difference this week. How might this resource be used, we wondered, in the world of professional drama and theatre? To find out, or at least begin the experiment, we invited a small, specialist group of professional actors to spend an afternoon working with the texts through our platform. Our very willing participants all …Read More

Let’s Play: Othello A3S4 The lost handkerchief

Let’s play part of  A3S4 of Othello where Othello asks Desdemona for the handkerchief he has given her. In the previous scene, Iago has made Othello suspicious about Desdemona’s behaviour with Cassio. He has also said that he saw Cassio with the handkerchief that Othello had given Desdemona.  In this scene, Othello checks whether Desdemona has that handkerchief. The scene requires three players. To begin with, Desdemona and Emelia wonder where …Read More