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Playreadings for 3 players

Let’s Play: Othello A3S3 ‘beware my Lord, of jealousy!’

Let’s play part of  A3S3 of Othello where Iago carefully arises Othello’s jealousy. The scene requires three players. To begin with, Iago has to be very careful to make sure that he doesn’t go too far in telling Othello of his ‘suspicions’, until he is sure that Othello is susceptible to believing his story. This part of the scene starts when Iago and Othello enter, and see Cassio, who has been dismissed …Read More

Let’s Play: 3 Romans fantasise about Cleopatra (A2S2, Antony and Cleopatra, 3 players)

A2S2 of Antony and Cleopatra is mostly about Antony and Caesar trying to resolve their conflicts, and ends up with Caesar agreeing to marry his sister, Octavia, to the newly-widowed Antony, in an attempt to cement their relationship. But that’s not what I thinks fun to play. . After the high politics is over, the main players leave the scene, and leave Enobarbus, a Roman based with Antony in Egypt, and Agrippa, …Read More

Let’s Play: Silvius courts Phebe (A3S5, As You Like It – 3 players)

A3S5 of As You Like It starts with Silvius courting Phebe who resists his attentions. Very soon Rosalind, Celia, and Corin enter, and, unobserved, watch Silvius courting Phebe. Phebe rejects Silvius’ advances, and soon Rosalind interrupts to tell her off more than somewhat. . Playing the scene: The scene requires three players: one each for Silvius, Phebe, and Rosalind. You’ll find a link for each player below: . 1: Silvius 2: Phebe …Read More

Let’s Play: Rosalind is banished (A1S3, As You Like It – 3 players)

A1S3 of As You Like It opens with Rosalind feeling a little blue – she’s just fallen in love with Orlando at a wrestling match. Celia tries to cheer her up, but then Celia’s father, Duke Ferdinand enters and banishes Rosalind. . Rosalind is even more upset, but Celia wants to go with her into exile. They decide to go the The Forest of Arden, to try and find Rosalind’s father – …Read More

Let’s Play: Polonius deals with Laertes and Ophelia (Hamlet – A2S1) 3 players

Let’s play A2S1 of Hamlet where Polonius first asks Reynaldo to spy on his son, Laertes, in Paris, and bad-mouth him to other Danes living in Paris, and then rushes Ophelia off to the king, when she comes in, very upset, about how Hamlet has treated her. . The first part with Reynaldo serves no plot function that I can see, except that it tells us a lot about Polonius. …Read More

Let’s play: Arthur is nearly blinded (A4S1, King John)

Let’s play A4S1 of King John, where (Prince) Arthur is saved from blinding by Hubert, by his innocence. I find this extract one of the more moving scenes of  the whole play: Player 1 – Hubert  (In Parts and Cues format) Player 2 – Executioner (Highlit Text) Player 3 – Arthur (Parts and Cues) Hubert and Arthur’s scripts are in Parts and Cue format.  The Executioner  is in Highlit Text so that player can …Read More

Let’s Play The death of Hotspur – Henry IV Part I A5S4

In A5S4 the relationships of Hotspur, Prince Hal, and Falstaff come to a conclusion, at least for Henry IV Part I. The battle of Shrewsbury is underway and the King’s forces are pressed.  King Henry himself is hard-pressed by Douglas until Hal comes and fights Douglas, making him flee.   The king leaves and Hotspur enters, finding Hal onstage. They declare  themselves to each other, necessary with all that armour on, and …Read More

Let’s Play – A plague on all cowards (Henry IV Part I – A2S4)

As part of our exploration of the relationships between Henry IV, Prince Hal, and Falstaff, this extract explores the scene in A2S4 of Henry IV where Poins and Prince Hal try to trick Falstaff into recognising that he has been a coward. . Earlier in the play, in A2S2, Falstaff and his cronies have robbed some travellors at Gadshill, and have, in turn, been robbed of their booty by Prince …Read More

Let’s Play Falstaff and Hal (A1S2) – Henry IV Part I

The first time we meet Falstaff, and Prince Hal, is in Act 1 Scene 2 of Henry IV Part I, and it tells us a lot about both men, and their relationship, both in the ‘public’ and ‘private’ spheres. The scene starts with good-hearted banter between the Prince of Wales and Falstaff, with Hal leaving us in no doubt as to the low opinion, if affectionate, that he holds of Falstaff. …Read More

Let’s Play Hamlet – setting up your own “Let’s Play”

We’ve published quite a few scenes and plays that you can play in our Let’s Play section with scenes requiring 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….10 players, and people are starting to use them. What you  may not have realised, is that you can set up your own “Let’s Play!” scenes for your own use. In this post we’re going to show you how, using a few scenes from Hamlet as …Read More