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Playreadings that require more than 4 players

The innovative tools we offer to explore a Shakespeare play

There has been a lot of interest recently in how you can use our web-site for play-reading Shakespeare’s plays. There are three posts which seem to have excited people: How to get started with Shakespeare play-readings How to run a Shakespeare play-reading Professional Actors Playreading Session which records how a set of Porfessional Actors used it to explore a few scenes from different plays We’re delighted that so many of you …Read More

How to make a Video Reading

Overview: If you’ve watched and listened to some of our Video Readings, you may want to record a Video Reading yourself. And when you’ve recorded it, you can send it to Players-Shakespeare.com for us to evaluate if we’ll publish it. This is what you have to do: Select one or more scenes to record – you can find candidate scenes in our “Let’s Play” menu on Players-Shakespeare.com Record your version of the scene …Read More

Playreading Report: Professional Actors playreading session, May 11th, 2017

Keen to expand the scope and range of Players-Shakespeare.com, we ran a Shakespeare reading session with a difference this week. How might this resource be used, we wondered, in the world of professional drama and theatre? To find out, or at least begin the experiment, we invited a small, specialist group of professional actors to spend an afternoon working with the texts through our platform. Our very willing participants all …Read More

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is our new ‘Play of the Month’

Rather late (it’s the 6th March) we’re making A Midsummer Night’s Dream our ‘Play of the Month’ for March ’17. Because it’s late, and because it’s fun, we’ve upgraded our video of Eliza Langland’s interpretation of “Bottom’s Dream” and before we tell you all about what we provide with the play, here’s the video (just click on the arrow to play it): . . (If you like this click here to subscribe …Read More

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Upgrade to 5.08

We’ve upgraded A Midsummer Night’s Dream  to help you explore the play. At the top-level, with this new release,  you can: Use “Let’s Explore” to explore the characters of Bottom, Helena, Puck, Quince, and Titania (or any other character in the play) Use “Let’s Play” with a few friends to play: Bottom becomes an Ass; What fools these mortals be; Bottom with the fairies; Bottom is reunited with the players. Play-read the whole …Read More

Romeo and Juliet: Upgrade to Version 5.06

We’ve upgraded Romeo and Juliet with lots of new goodies to help you explore the play. At the top-level, with this new release,  you can: Use “Let’s Explore” to explore the characters of Romeo, Juliet, and the Nurse (or any other character in the play) Use “Let’s Play” with a few friends to play: The Balcony scene; The lovers’ parting; The death of Mercutio and Tybalt; Juliet’s family discover the ‘death’ …Read More

Let’s Play: ‘By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes’ (Macbeth, A4S1, 7 players)

The cauldron bubbles and thunder ‘claps’. The witches’ spell is cooking and Macbeth approaches. These ‘secret, black and midnight hags’ call him ‘wicked’, which tells us something!  The spirits know what he wants to hear. Each of three Apparitions reassures him but then, in answer to a direct question, comes the last ‘horrible sight’. . This scene requires 7 players, which is more than we usually include for scenes to play, …Read More

Let’s Play: In the Forest of Arden (A2S4, As You Like It – 5 players)

In A2S4 of As You Like It, Rosalind (disguised as a youth), Celia, and Touchstone arrive in the Forest of Arden, tired after their journey. They meet Corin and Silvius, who is telling Corin how much he loves Phebe. Silvius soon runs away distraught. . The travelers ask Corin if they know where they can find food and shelter, and he agrees to help them. . Playing the scene: The scene requires …Read More

Let’s play: Malvolio and Sir Toby fall out (Twelfth Night A2S3) – 5 players

  Sir Toby and his friends. Sir Toby and Malvolio fall out when  Malvolio complains about Sir Toby and Sir Andrew singing late at night, disturbing everyone’s (and particularly Olivia’s) sleep. At the end of this scene, Maria and the knights plot Malvolio’s downfall, which you’ll find out about in the scene. This scene is great fun, but requires drunken singing by three men (Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Feste). …Read More

Let’s Play: Bottom is reunited with the Players (5 Players)

Let’s play A4S2 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream where Bottom, who has been lost in the forest, visiting the fairies, is finally re-united with the players, back in Athens, and just in time to play their play to Theseus and Hippolyta (and the young lovers). Player 1 – Quince Player 2 – Starveling Player 3- Thisbe Player 4 – Snug Player 5 – Bottom All the scripts above are in Highlit Text format.  When everyone …Read More