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Let’s play how tos

Let’s Play How-tos

RSC Workshop: Acting for the Stage

Introduction: This workshop was given at the RSC Big Amateur Weekend in The Other Place (the RSC rehearsal spaces)  on the 14th& 15th October. You can get an overview of the week-end’s activity at: RSC Big Amateur Weekend. . The workshop leader was Annie Tyson, a practitioner of RADA, amd a Guest Practitioner of the RSC. Annie is a freelance, and so can undertake workshops with intereseted groups. Contact Richard …Read More

Shakespeare Cue Scripts – “But what’s my ‘through line’?”

It was my first experience of playing Shakespeare using parts and cues. As I got up to read I asked ‘what’s my character’s through line?’ It was a gift to the workshop leader. ‘Aha! ‘ said he. ‘That’s one of the main differences you’re about to experience.’ . I was perplexed. I was a young student of modern theatre. The ability to sustain a character through a whole play was something …Read More

How we help you playread Shakespeare

This web-site is designed to help people explore Shakespeare by exploring Shakespeare’s characters, playing scenes from his plays, playreading compelte plays, and our scripts can also be used  for productions. (See our objectives at: What Players-Shakespeare.com does). . In June / July ’17  the number of people who have expressed interest in play-reading Shakespeare grew rapidly and has now reached over 1,000 (by liking our FB page, or becoming FB …Read More

The innovative tools we offer to explore a Shakespeare play

There has been a lot of interest recently in how you can use our web-site for play-reading Shakespeare’s plays. There are three posts which seem to have excited people: How to get started with Shakespeare play-readings How to run a Shakespeare play-reading Professional Actors Playreading Session which records how a set of Porfessional Actors used it to explore a few scenes from different plays We’re delighted that so many of you …Read More

How to make a Video Reading

Overview: If you’ve watched and listened to some of our Video Readings, you may want to record a Video Reading yourself. And when you’ve recorded it, you can send it to Players-Shakespeare.com for us to evaluate if we’ll publish it. This is what you have to do: Select one or more scenes to record – you can find candidate scenes in our “Let’s Play” menu on Players-Shakespeare.com Record your version of the scene …Read More

Let’s Explore ‘Parts and Cues’, Highlit Text’, and Standard Script

We thought it might be fun to show you how to use Parts and Cues, Highlit Text, and Standard Script, so we’ve taken six of our favourite scenes from Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Henry IV Part I, and Romeo and Juliet,  and put them into a form where you can easily read or play them, and see the different formats we can present the text. We hope you’ll enjoy it! If you …Read More

Let’s Play Hamlet – setting up your own “Let’s Play”

We’ve published quite a few scenes and plays that you can play in our Let’s Play section with scenes requiring 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….10 players, and people are starting to use them. What you  may not have realised, is that you can set up your own “Let’s Play!” scenes for your own use. In this post we’re going to show you how, using a few scenes from Hamlet as …Read More