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Playreading Report: As You Like It, Edinburgh, 12th November 2017

We ran a play-reading of As You Like It on Sunday, 12th November. There was with more drama than expected! We nearly had a dead dog on our hands (no, you haven’t read wrongly – we weren’t reading Two Gentlemen of Verona!). . We had a new player at this play-reading and she had asked if she could bring along her dog, and we had agreed. The player and her dog arrived. …Read More

How Shakespeare helps children – and adults

Recently, on a Facebook group called ‘Fans of Shakespeare’ Alexandeer Kuskis shared a post called ‘How Music and Shakespeare turned around a failing school’ (See the original article:  How Music and Shakespeare turned around a failing school).  It brought an instantaneous comment from me: “Yes! In Venezuela, ‘Sisetma’ has done wonders with kids through Classical Music, and I’ve seen children from 8 – 15 respond magnificently to Shakespeare.” . In this post, …Read More

Playreading Report: Macbeth, Edinburgh, October 1st ’17

At last, the play-reading season has started again! After a summer spent playing cricket or otherwise enjoying the sunshine, nine of us gathered to play-read Macbeth, on Sunday 1st October. This is one day (or one month) later than we promised, having said we’d play-read Macbeth in September. Unplanned holidays with family and on the Isle of Barra caused the delay. . Preparation for the play-reading: . My partner and …Read More

Shakespeare play-reading activity during August 2017 & Macbeth’s Soliloquies

For six weeks or so in July / August, we tried to persuade you to try out play-reading using our online edition of Shakespeare’s plays. A couple of weeks ago, at the end of August, we ran a hasty analysis to get a feel for what activity you’d undertaken during that month. Now we’ve had a bit more time to undertake a more rigorous analysis, we’ve got a better understanding …Read More

Play-reading of our Shakespeare edition is taking off

For the past five or six weeks, I’ve been trying to persuade you all to play-read Shakespeare’s plays using our edition. Are any of your doing that? The short answer is yes, a surprising number of you are starting to play-read. I’ve done some analysis of web-site traffic over the last 30 days or so, and there’s a table at the end of this post which summarizes the activity numerically. …Read More

Playreading Report: Thou art alive

Andrew didn’t like Shakespeare. . “Well,” he said, “when I say I don’t like Shakespeare, I don’t mean I don’t like Shakespeare, I mean I wish I did like Shakespeare. I just can’t get on with him. All that thee-ing and thou-ing. Men in tights. Complicated words.” . It sounded to me like Andrew had never met Shakespeare. I invited him to come over. We could hang out. Have a …Read More

How to get started running Shakespeare play-readings

Introduction: It is getting easier and easier to run a Shakespeare play-reading using our edition of Shakespeare, and more and more of you seem to wamt to run play-readings. But it’s still not exactly intuitive as to how you get started running Shakespeare play-reading(s). We recently published a page on how to run a play-reading, which may be worth a read if you haven’t read it yet. It’s at: . …Read More

How to run a Shakespeare play-reading

We encourage people to run Shakespeare play-readings. From our own experience they can be enormous fun, and enrich your understanding of the play. . If you are thinking of running play-readings, we think you should use our MFFEV5 plays online. They’re based on around 10 years experience of running play-readings; they offer innovataive ways of exploring the plays, they’re  easy to run and read, and they’re free. . To run an …Read More

Help with Playing Shakespeare

As well as showing you how to use the features of Players-Shakespeare.com, we also provide help with how to play Shakespeare, particularly in a play-reading situation. The advice we give comes not from us, but from Shakespeare (or whoever wrote the plays) himself. He provides lost of help with how to act his parts, if you listen out for his help. Of course it is up to the actor to …Read More

Help Videos for Players-Shakespeare.com

Players-Shakespeare.com provides innovative ways of exploring Shakespeare’s plays. This page provides access to help videos which explain how to use the Players-Shakespeare.com web-site. The latest drafts of help videos are shown below, but they can be improved. If you find something confusing, or that a subject is not covered that you’d like to understand, please let us know by leaving a comment on this post. .   The currently available …Read More