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Playreading Report: Macbeth, Edinburgh, October 1st ’17

At last, the play-reading season has started again! After a summer spent playing cricket or otherwise enjoying the sunshine, nine of us gathered to play-read Macbeth, on Sunday 1st October. This is one day (or one month) later than we promised, having said we’d play-read Macbeth in September. Unplanned holidays with family and on the Isle of Barra caused the delay. . Preparation for the play-reading: . My partner and …Read More

Playreading Report: Hamlet, Edinburgh, 15th Jan 2017

We ran what I thought was our best play-reading ever on Sunday, 15th January, using our newly-published edition of Hamlet. There were eight of us, which is probably the perfect number for the type of play-reading we run. This review will cover both how the play-reading went, and how the technology worked. I’ll start with the play-reading – the important stuff – and then update you on the technology.   …Read More

Playreading Report: Romeo and Juliet, Edinburgh 13th December

We ran a play-reading of Romeo and Juliet on Sunday 13th December – our last play-reading of 2015, and our first with our new MFFEV5 Cloud Reader (though we’ve used a pre-release version for the previous three play-readings). The Playreading: We had 14 players for the play-reading which is really too many (the biggest part – Romeo had 587 lives; the smallest part: Tybalt & Balthazar had 64 lines). Along with most …Read More

A Midsummer Night’s Dream available online in MFFEV5 format

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve published A Midsummer Night’s Dream in our MFFEV5 edition, which allows you to see  and configure the play online in Parts and Cues, Highlit Text, and with multiple castings. We’re particularly pleased because the software we use to convert MFFEV1 plays to MFFEV5 seems to be working much better than expected, and so it looks as if we’ll be able to add to the edition much …Read More

Romeo & Juliet published + more on MFFEV5 playreading castings

Today we publish Romeo and Juliet,  and it’s in our MFFEV5 format, so you can read it online ( https://players-shakespeare.com/mffe-version-5-romeo-and-juliet-online/?page=s|A1S1.html%3Ff ) as a standard text, in ‘Parts and Cues’ format, or in ‘Highlit Text’. If you’re unfamiliar with our MFFEV5 format, MFFEV5 – An exciting new resource for Shakespeare Lovers will give you an overview of what it can do, and  Preparing Malvolio for performance with MFFEV5 Parts and Cues will give you an idea …Read More

Preparing Malvolio for performance with MFFEV5 Parts and Cues

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare in 2016, we’re going to run a play-reading of Twelfth Night on January 17th (as close as we could get to Twelfth Night. We’re also going to run a play-reading on Saturday, April 23rd, but I’m not sure which play yet). We hope other groups might do something similar using our MFFEV5 Twelfth Night. We’ve been using MFFEV5 internally for our last three play-readings …Read More

How to use our exciting new Shakespeare resource with Othello

  Following our launch of MFFEV5 Cloud Reader, which supports online reading of Shakespeare’s plays in Parts and Cues, and Highlit Text formats, together with a set of castings for around 8 – 12 players, we thought it might help if we show you how to use it. Let’s explore the MFFEV5 Cloud Reader, using Othello. Also, although the Cloud Reader supports Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones, we’d recommend that you …Read More

MFFEV5 – An exciting new resource for Shakespeare lovers

 We’ve been rather quiet for the last two or three months, because we’d promised to launch MFFEV5 in 4Q15. Well, it’s still 4Q15, and we’re very pleased to announce that we’re launching MFFEV5 today. It’s been rather more work than we anticipated, so we’ve all been working quite hard. I would like to congratulate the whole team for the efforts everyone has put in. Comparisons are odious, but exceptions can sometimes …Read More

Playreading Report: Othello, Edinburgh 8th Nov 2015

We ran a playreading of Othello last Sunday (8th Nov) using our MFFE V5 edition. Our play-readings are getting more popular – we had fourteen people turn up for Othello, (and sixteen planned for Romeo and Juliet in December) and it’s really too many. It depends a bit on the play, but usually it’s best to have around 8 – 10 readers. In most plays there are 8 – 10 ‘meaty’ parts, and it works …Read More

Playreading Report: The Tempest, using MFFE V5 on Oct 11th

We’re back from holiday studying the Roman Empire and are straight back into Shakespeare play-readings with The Tempest, using our new, beta-test MFFEV5 Cloud Reader, developed whilst we were on holiday. We’ve made a couple of changes to our play-readings for this year: The group is growing, so at the moment we’re running two play-readings a month. What we’re aiming to do is to make sure that each reader has at least …Read More