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Countdown to play-reading… T – 4: 4. Remind yourself of the key things we do.

There has been a lot of interest recently in how you can use our web-site for play-reading Shakespeare’s plays. There are three posts which seem to have excited people: How to get started with Shakespeare play-readings How to run a Shakespeare play-reading Professional Actors Playreading Session which records how a set of Porfessional Actors used it to explore a few scenes from different plays We’re delighted that so many of you …Read More

How to use this web-site (Players-Shakespeare.com)

Introduction: . Players-Shakespeare.com offers lots of ways to help play-readers and actors to  take part in Shakespeare productions or play-readings. This page outlines that help. You’d be best to view this page on a laptop or high-end tablet in landscape mode. . Ths web-site has two main types of users: . Playreading or Production Organisers: . Such people will find it easiest to use the web-site on a lap-top or …Read More

Countdown to Playreading… T – 5: Watch our Video Readings and make your own

In your last ‘Countdown’ you explored a few scenes with some friends. (If you haven’t done that, do it now, before you move on to Video Readings). . So now you’ve read a few scenes with 2, 3, or 4 people. maybe it’s time to see a few video readings. We’ve published a few of these, to show that we don’t just tell you to read the scenes, but we …Read More

Countdown to Playreading… T – 6: Play some key scenes with friends

Now we’ve reached  the fun bit!  If you’ve followed our ‘Countdown to Playreading’ posts, you’ve  read the play (probably Macbeth, but it could be another) on your own; you’ve read some soliloquies out loud; so you’re pretty familiar with how you read our plays on the web-site. It’s time to invite one ore two friends  who are going to come to the play-reading round to play some scenes together. . …Read More

Players-Shakespeare.com’s Newsletter No 2

In this issue: How you are using Players-Shakespeare.com Launch of ‘Support for Playreading’ Closed FB Group Technology Update: Our plays on your own e-book readers  Players-Shakespeare.com content in ’17 – ’18 Virtual play-reading across the Net . How you are using Players-Shakespeare.com As we get closer to the start of the play-reading season, in September,  there’s more and more activity from you on the web-site. Some of the things we’ve …Read More

Countdown to Playreading… T – 7: Let’s Explore the principal characters in the play

In the previous step, you  read some, or all, of the play. Now  it’s worth exploring some of the more interesting bits of the play, using some of the features we provide to make it easier to read some of the soliloquies. This will let you explore or deepen your understanding of the main characters in the play, and also get you used to how to use various features of …Read More

Shakespeare’s plays we have published

Players-Shakespeare.com publishes Shakespeare’s plays in an innovative form which lets you explore them in new ways.  You’ll find a detailed description of what you can do below the table of our published plays. You can get help on how to do this at the following links: Click here for video help with the features we provide. Click here for video help with reading Shakespeare’s texts Click here to learn how to run …Read More

Countdown to Play-reading….T – 8: Read the play on our web-site

So far, you’ve selected the play you’re going to read; you’ve chosen the people you’re going to read it with; and you know where you’re going to read it. . So what’s next? . The next step has to be that you sit down and read the play, using our edition, online. Why do you need to do this? . There’s a few reasons: The main reasons is to remind …Read More

Players-Shakespeare Newsletter No 1

There’s so much going on at the moment that we thought we’d try out a weekly newsletter to see if it would help you keep you up-to-date with developments at Players-Shakespeare.com. Based on your response, we’ll make this a regular part of the site, or we’ll quietly drop the idea. So here goes with the first issue of our Newsletter: . In this issue: Exploring Macbeth Technology Update: Our plays on …Read More

What’s going on in The Merchant of Venice?

As you may have noticed, I’m in the process of updating The Merchant of Venice  at the moment with additional items (Let’s Explore, Let’s Play, etc). I’m beginning to wonder what the play’s about. . I’ve never acted or directed The Merchant of Venice so I don’t know it that well. Of course, I’ve seen a number of productions, and my general impression of the play is that the play tells the …Read More