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One Hour Romeo and Juliet Round-robin reading for 2 – 5 players

If you can only get a few people (2 – 5)  together to do a play-reading, probably the most practical way of reading the play is to read it ‘rouond-robin’.   Each player reads a speech in turn until all the speakers have read a speech, and then the first speaker speaks the next speech, and so on until you’ve read the play.   This way of reading the play means …Read More

Hudson Shakespeare Company – Sir Thomas More

Playreading Group:Hudson Shakespeare Company – Sir Thomas More Jersey City, United States Website: https://www.hudsonshakespeare.org Contact Email Address: jciccarelli@hudsonshakespeare.org Playreading Details: Play: Sir Thomas More Date of Reading: October 25, 2014 Play Details: The script was mostly the work of playwrights Anthony Munday and Henry Chettle who probably started to piece together the play on Sir Thomas More or Saint Thomas More, depending on whether you speak to a Protestant or …Read More