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Casting Shakepeare plays

What Players-Shakespeare.com does

What we want to do: We think that Shakespeare’s plays are in a class of their own, and are worth exploring by anyone with an interest in human nature, English literature, or theatre. The best way of exploring them, in our view, is by experiencing them: by seeing them performed; by playing them yourselves; by play-reading them; and by exploring characters and situations in the plays. We help you set …Read More

Antony and Cleopatra Cast list for 25 players (original cast)

This cast list is the cast list from the original production by The King’s Men in 1607. It is derived  from T.J.King’s Casting Shakespeare’s Plays – London actors and their roles, 1590 – 1642.   As well as being usable for play-readings or production, the cast list provides useful information for a director thinking about directing the play: Antony and Cleopatra (1607) has a large speaking character list of 59 characters. This …Read More

Preparing Malvolio for performance with MFFEV5 Parts and Cues

To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Shakespeare in 2016, we’re going to run a play-reading of Twelfth Night on January 17th (as close as we could get to Twelfth Night. We’re also going to run a play-reading on Saturday, April 23rd, but I’m not sure which play yet). We hope other groups might do something similar using our MFFEV5 Twelfth Night. We’ve been using MFFEV5 internally for our last three play-readings …Read More

MFFEV5 – An exciting new resource for Shakespeare lovers

 We’ve been rather quiet for the last two or three months, because we’d promised to launch MFFEV5 in 4Q15. Well, it’s still 4Q15, and we’re very pleased to announce that we’re launching MFFEV5 today. It’s been rather more work than we anticipated, so we’ve all been working quite hard. I would like to congratulate the whole team for the efforts everyone has put in. Comparisons are odious, but exceptions can sometimes …Read More

Why can’t we teach Shakespeare better – and improve our play-readings?

In Linked-In there is a Group called ‘Shakespeare’ with nearly 6,000 members who are a mix of academics, theatre professionals, journalists, etc. In the Group’s discussion area, someone recently posted the question “Why can’t we teach Shakespeare better?” This question generated 127 posts accumulating well over 25,000 words. Attached to this post you’ll find a summary of the comments I thought interesting, though I have re-named this summary “How we …Read More

Free Play-reading pack of Shakespeare’s Richard II

Have you ever tried a play-reading? It’s great fun – rather like a book-reading club, but more inter-active. We’ve been involved in play-readings for a number of years, and always thought it was an art form. Of course, it’s not so grand as putting on a full production, but it’s far less effort and cost, and it let’s you explore the play in a depth that you may not manage …Read More

Help me cast play-readings, please!!!!

I’m working hard at the moment to come up with a way of casting play-readings. I’m doing this because we’re running a play-reading of Richard II (great play, great poetry) on October 6th, so it would be handy to knew who was reading what for that play-reading. And of course for future play-readings. More generally, as part of Players-Shakespeare.com’s play-reading offering, I want to offer help to anyone who wants …Read More