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Editing plays

Top tips when editing Shakespeare

Lots of people ask me how can I bear to cut and edit Shakespeare down to sometimes 45 minute versions. I say I believe one minute of Shakespeare can affect you so 45 is quite alot! But I think my main objective when cutting down the plays is to help make it accessible for as many people as possible to enjoy and experience the great pleasure I think Shakespeare can …Read More

Macbeth: Play of the Month and How to put on a successful production

It’s time for a new ‘Play of the Month’, and this month it’s Macbeth. The sidebar to the right of this post will show you the five intense scenes we’ve chosen for small groups (2 – 7) to play, and below tha,t the different cast lists we’ve provided for 8 through 10 players (the cast lists for 8 and 10 are performable), and the original King’s Men cast list which needs 28. …Read More

One small step for a web-site – one giant leap for Shakespeare-online!

Last week, along with a few million others around the globe, we thought we’d mark Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary. Amongst the other things we did (see Keep Celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary), we thought it might be fun to produce a way of casting a Shakespeare play so that it could be performed on stage, We managed to produce a casting of  our online, interactive,  As You Like It for 11 players …Read More

Let’s play: What fools these mortals be (6 players)

Let’s play A3S2 of A Midsummer Night’s Dream where the young lovers get rather confused about who loves whom, much to Puck’s delight. The players, in order of speaking  are as follows.Click on the character you’re playing to see your script.   Player 1 – Oberon (In Highlit Text format) Player 2 –Puck (In Highlit Text format) Player 3- Demetrius Player 4 – Hermia Player 5 – Lysander Player 6 – Helena   All the lovers’ scripts above …Read More

The Shrew and Hamlet published in MFFEV5 online, interactive form today

Today we publish both The Taming of the Shrew and Hamlet in our MFFEV5 format, which allows you to configure and read the plays in Parts and Cues, or Highlit Text, or in Standard, formats. The printing presses are red-hot churning out copies of these two plays to meet the demand! So one month after launch of MFFEV5 edition, we’ve published 9 (or 25%) of the First Folio. This bodes well to us getting most …Read More

Romeo & Juliet published + more on MFFEV5 playreading castings

Today we publish Romeo and Juliet,  and it’s in our MFFEV5 format, so you can read it online ( https://players-shakespeare.com/mffe-version-5-romeo-and-juliet-online/?page=s|A1S1.html%3Ff ) as a standard text, in ‘Parts and Cues’ format, or in ‘Highlit Text’. If you’re unfamiliar with our MFFEV5 format, MFFEV5 – An exciting new resource for Shakespeare Lovers will give you an overview of what it can do, and  Preparing Malvolio for performance with MFFEV5 Parts and Cues will give you an idea …Read More

Twelfth Night MFFE Version 5.00 is nearly there with Parts and Cues

This week I’ve just about finished work on Othello MFFE Version 5.00 and so I started on Romeo and Juliet, the next play to get the MFFE Version 5.00 treatment. It took me a couple of days to get the original version of the play into the form that I like to work on it – notably putting each scene of the play into a separate file. I was hoping to …Read More

Secrets of Acting Shakespeare (*****) with Parts and Cues

Last week our article on ‘Parts and Cues’ stimulated quite a bit of interest. We had more ‘likes’ than usual on Facebook, and quite a few comments. A couple of people whose opinions I respect, recommended that I looked at a book by Patrick Tucker called Secrets of Acting Shakespeare – The Original Approach  (available from Amazon.co.uk for £25 – £45, and from Amazon.com for $25 – $140 – this pricing …Read More

It is all Much Ado About Nothing this week

It’s all Much Ado About Nothing this week, as the picture of David Garrick as Benedick above implies. I’m dizzy with Much Ado’s. They are whirling around inside my brain, and when I sleep at night Eve Best (The Globe’s Beatrice)  puts David Garrick (Benedick) in his place, whilst he is scathing about Glaudio’s (Tunji Kasim from the RSC production) falling in love with Hero, whilst the excellent Michelle Terry (Beatrice …Read More

Measure for Measure MFFE published with notes on James I’s involvement in the play

The Festive Season is over, but I hope it is not too late to wish you all a Very Happy New Year!!! Just before the holidays, I was about to publish Measure for Measure, but I got stuck. I couldn’t make head nor tail of what the Duke was doing in the play. He has 839 lines in our MFFE edition, more than King Lear, and nearly twice as much as …Read More