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Beatrice’s view of the Gonsalves Method Workshop

Aileen Gonsalves ran a workshop at Shakespeare @ Traquair on 8th April ’18 on their production of Much Ado About Nothing. The rest of this post is written by the actor playing Beatrice in that production….   Prior to the Aileen Gonsalves Workshop I read through the Gonsalves method to give myself an indication of what the day might hold.   https://players-shakespeare.com/the-gonsalves-method-objectives-are-essential-to-good-acting   What Aileen describes in the method is …Read More

Review (*****): Gonsalves Method workshop

We’ve been publishing articles about the Gonsalves method recently, and last week we tested the Gonsalves method out “in real life”. Aileen (Gonsalves) came to Scotland to run a full-day workshop with some of the cast of Shakespeare @ Traquair’s production of Much Ado About Nothing (running from 30th May – 9th June, Wednesday to Saturday). This review shares our view of the results of the workshop.     Before going into …Read More

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives, Stakes , Entitlement Tactics

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives, Stakes, Entitlement Tactics – How these help create truthful acting. Fill in these blanks for every scene and I believe you have a really strong way to get an actor to begin their journey when rehearsing. You may be amazed to know at Butterfly Theatre this is all we need to start rehearsing. Now to be fair, my actors all come with their lines entirely learned …Read More

The Gonsalves Method – Objectives are essential to good acting.

Objectives are essential to good acting. What are they and how to act truthfully with them? One of my favourite scenes ever written is the scene between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Act I Scene VII where Macbeth has just convinced himself that, contrary to the prophecy and his promise to his wife earlier he will not murder King Duncan that night. “I have no spur to prick the sides of …Read More

RSC Big Backstage Week-end (17th & 18th Feb 2018)

The RSC is running another week-end of workshops for people involved in Amateur Theatre. You may remember we covered their Big Amateur Weekend back in October ’17. Well they’re running another week-end for people involved backstage in theatre lighting, sound, design or stage management. We found their Big Amateur Weekend a 5-star experience, and expect the same from this Big Backstage Week-end. If you’re interested in attending, you need to book …Read More

RSC Workshop: Acting for the Stage

Introduction: This workshop was given at the RSC Big Amateur Weekend in The Other Place (the RSC rehearsal spaces)  on the 14th& 15th October. You can get an overview of the week-end’s activity at: RSC Big Amateur Weekend. . The workshop leader was Annie Tyson, a practitioner of RADA, amd a Guest Practitioner of the RSC. Annie is a freelance, and so can undertake workshops with intereseted groups. To ask Annie …Read More