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A Midsummer Night’s Dream – for young actors

We’re pleased to publish a children’s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – designed to be performed by a younger cast. There are parts for around 20 actors, but there are reasonable opportunities to double-up parts and reduce the cast size   It has been adapted by Tim Wilcock, who worked with the children of Shakespeare @ Traquair, to take this adaptation (or an earlier version of it) to the Edinburgh …Read More

SCDA page (Scottish Community Drama Association)

The SCDA and Players-Shakespeare.com are pleased to provide SCDA members with access to a Shakespeare-related online resource – Players-Shakespeare.com. . This resource provides SCDA members with a number of possibilities: . Download most of Shakespeare’s plays in Players-Shakespeare.com’s Modern First Folio Edition (MFFEV1) in a format for printing (PDF) with a licence to use the script for play-reading or production. The plays available can be found at: https://players-shakespeare.com/players-shakespeare-com-published-plays/ Read the most …Read More

Open Your Ears – A Radio Play

  You wait for an adaptation to come along, and all of a sudden three of them arrive, all pretty much at the same time. (If you have a Shakespeare adaptation which you’re willing for us to publish, send it to us via our Facebook page in pdf format, including a licence which allows our readers to download and use it for free {we use a Creative Commons licence}). . …Read More

Home new – Introduction to Players-Shakespeare.com

Players-Shakespeare.com publishes Shakespeare’s plays in an innovative form which lets you explore the plays in ways which are difficult with more conventional editions. Explore monologues; play scenes with 1 or 2 friends; playread the plays in a group of 6 – 12 people. You’ll find a more detailed description of what you can do below. We help you to do all this: Click here for video help to use the features …Read More

Romeo and Juliet (cast list for 9 players)

Romeo and Juliet is a great play for a play-reading by school children; students; or play-reading groups. We ran a playreading of R&J  recently in Edinburgh and we’ve published a play-reading report about it at: Playreading Report: Romeo and Juliet, Edinburgh 13th Dec. 2015 Players-Shakespeare.com provides playreading castings for 6 to 16 playreaders for Romeo and Juliet. Each casting lets a small group of people read a play, sharing the roles amongst the readers minimising …Read More

Romeo and Juliet round-robin play-reading for 2-5 players

If you can only get a few people (2 -5)  together to do a play-reading, probably the most practical way of reading the play is to read it ‘rouond-robin’. . In other words, each player reads a speech in turn. The first reader reads the first speech; then the next speaker in a clockwise direction reads the next speech; and so on until all the speakers have read, and then …Read More

Romeo and Juliet – Speaking Cast List

List of Characters . 2ND_WATCH One of the watchmen who discover Paris, Romeo, and Juliet dead in the crypt. 3RD_WATCH Another of the watchmen who discover the dead lovers and Paris in the crypt. ABRAM A Montague retainer. APOTHECARY An apothecary in Mantua who sells Romeo poison. BALTHASAR Romeo’s man. BENVOLIO Romeo’s cousin. CAPULET Juliet’s father. CAPULET_WIFE Juliet’s mother and wife to CAPULET. CHIEF_WATCHMAN The leader of the watch which …Read More

Romeo and Juliet: Introduction

Introduction: Date and Sources: Romeo and Juliet is an early play of Shakespeare. The play was probably written between 1591 and 1595 (I’d guess 1594), after The Taming of the Shrew. . The play is based on an Italian tale, translated into English and turned into verse by Arthur Brooke, and published in 1562. It was then turned into prose and published as The Palace of Pleasure in 1567 by …Read More

Let’s Explore Gertrude – the Queen

If you haven’t tried out our  techniques of using ‘Parts and Cues’ and ‘Highlit Text’ to explore a Shakespeare character, then you’ll find it helpful to read the detailed explanation we give for the character Hamlet (click on Let’s Explore Hamlet). . You can explore any Shakespearean character in a play  published by Players-Shakespeare.com in a similar way. Here we help you explore Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, and the Queen. . What …Read More