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Review (*****) Slings and Arrows, 1, Hamlet; dir. Peter Wellington. Acorn Media 2003.

‘Slings and Arrows’, Season 1, Hamlet, dir. Peter Wellington, Acorn Media. 2003.  6 x 45 minutes.   By Alan Brown   April 2, 2018   ‘Slings and Arrows’, is available:   To stream on YouTube, Encore+, at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXssjYeUyJVGSvu1YWyTNM2fmXtOpXPYO   in the US, from Amazon.com to buy as a DVD, new from $35.99 https://www.amazon.com/Slings-Arrows-Season-ACORN-MEDIA/dp/B00UGPXPI8   in the UK, from Amazon.co.uk to buy Seasons 1-3, 7 discs (DVD, Region 1), new from …Read More

Review (****) ‘A Midwinter’s Tale’, Dir. Kenneth Branagh, Castle Rock, 1996.

Review (****) ‘A Midwinter’s Tale’, Castle Rock 1996. 1 hour 38 minutes. By Alan Brown December 18, 2017 . ‘A Midwinter’s Tale’ (also titled ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’), is available: in the US, from Amazon.com to rent for $9.99 and to buy as a DVD for $14.99 in the UK, from Amazon.co.uk  to rent for £2.49 and to buy for £7.99 Prices are indicative – check the actual price at the Vendors’ …Read More

Review (****) Upstart Crow, Season 1, BBC 2016

By Alan Brown December 4, 2017   ‘Upstart Crow’, Series 1 is available In the UK: from Amazon.co.uk  as a DVD for £9.99. Series 1 & 2 are available to stream through Amazon Video UK  at £9.99 per series or £2.49 per episode, in HD. . In the US the same options are available at different prices at Amazon.com. . Upstart Crow would make a great Christmas present, but maybe …Read More

Home new – Introduction to Players-Shakespeare.com

Players-Shakespeare.com publishes Shakespeare’s plays in an innovative form which lets you explore the plays in ways which are difficult with more conventional editions. Explore monologues; play scenes with 1 or 2 friends; playread the plays in a group of 6 – 12 people. You’ll find a more detailed description of what you can do below. We help you to do all this: Click here for video help to use the features …Read More

Hamlet A1S2 soliloquy ‘Oh that this too, too, solid flesh…’

My thanks to Alan Brown, Eliza Langland, and Scott Noble, for being willing to share their interpretations of this Hamlet soliloquy from A1S2 for your delight. . As you will have noticed, this video clip combines parts of each of their interpretations into one. If you’d like to hear their individual interpretations, let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. If there’s enough interest, we’ll put …Read More

Romeo and Juliet (cast list for 9 players)

Romeo and Juliet is a great play for a play-reading by school children; students; or play-reading groups. We ran a playreading of R&J  recently in Edinburgh and we’ve published a play-reading report about it at: Playreading Report: Romeo and Juliet, Edinburgh 13th Dec. 2015 Players-Shakespeare.com provides playreading castings for 6 to 16 playreaders for Romeo and Juliet. Each casting lets a small group of people read a play, sharing the roles amongst the readers minimising …Read More

Romeo and Juliet round-robin play-reading for 2-5 players

If you can only get a few people (2 -5)  together to do a play-reading, probably the most practical way of reading the play is to read it ‘rouond-robin’. . In other words, each player reads a speech in turn. The first reader reads the first speech; then the next speaker in a clockwise direction reads the next speech; and so on until all the speakers have read, and then …Read More

Romeo and Juliet – Speaking Cast List

List of Characters . 2ND_WATCH One of the watchmen who discover Paris, Romeo, and Juliet dead in the crypt. 3RD_WATCH Another of the watchmen who discover the dead lovers and Paris in the crypt. ABRAM A Montague retainer. APOTHECARY An apothecary in Mantua who sells Romeo poison. BALTHASAR Romeo’s man. BENVOLIO Romeo’s cousin. CAPULET Juliet’s father. CAPULET_WIFE Juliet’s mother and wife to CAPULET. CHIEF_WATCHMAN The leader of the watch which …Read More

Review; **** Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet (1948)

This classic  production of Hamlet, with Laurence Olivier as Hamlet,  is available: To Stream (or download) for Amazon Prime Members for £3.59 at Amazon.co.uk Laurence Oliviier Hamlet To stream (or purchase) from Amazon.com for  $3.99 at Amazon.com Laurence Olivier Hamlet – streaming As a DVD from Amazon.com for $21.96 fromAmazon.com Laurence Oliver Hamlet DVD . Prices are indicative – check the actual price at the Vendors’ links above. Our Bottom Line: This is a classic production of …Read More

How to playread Hamlet

Scroll down this page to get to the YouTube video. Press the right-arrow to start the video. Click on full-screen icon in bottom right-hand-corner. It was exciting to see how you responded to our launch of e-reader downloads for Apple, Android, Amazon, and Windows last week (see 2017 is here and play-reading is getting easier if you haven’t caught up with that). However, we don’t seem to have done a good …Read More