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What Players-Shakespeare.com does

What we want to do: We think that Shakespeare’s plays are in a class of their own, and are worth exploring by anyone with an interest in human nature, English literature, or theatre. The best way of exploring them, in our view, is by experiencing them: by seeing them performed; by playing them yourselves; by play-reading them; and by exploring characters and situations in the plays. We help you set …Read More

Shakespeare’s Globe celebrate 70 years of Indian Independence

‘All my life and my strength were given to the first cause of the world – the liberation of mankind.’ . Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of independent India . This summer, Shakespeare’s Globe in London is marking 70 years of Indian independence with a series of events curated by award-winning playwright Tanika Gupta. Their Festival of Independence uses theatre, music, poetry, comedy and dance to celebrate the diverse and dynamic world …Read More

Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, RSC, 1968, ****

The classic  Peter Hall film of A Midsummer Night’s Dream is available: To Stream (or download) for Amazon Prime Members for free at A Midsummer Night’s Dream As a DVD from Amazon.com for $19.49 Prices are indicative – check the actual price at the Vendors’ links above. Our Bottom Line: A classic production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Peter Hall in 1968 with a cast from the RSC. The technical quality of the production is …Read More

Alls Well That Ends Well Cast list for 6 players with downloads of e-books (epub)

This cast list provides parts for 6 players to read Alls Well That Ends Well. Each player selects the Player No they’ve been allocated, and can choose to download an ebook to read on an Apple iPhone or iPad in iBooks, or they can read their parts online in  Highlit text format or Parts and Cues, as they prefer. . Click here for help with Play-reading . Free Download of Highlit Text ebooks …Read More

Edinburgh Festival 2016 Opens

It’s August so the Edinburgh International Festival – and the Fringe – opened this week-end. Of course, a bit like the Olympics, a few shows had already started before the official opening. We saw the official light show which opened the Festival, lighting up the castle, on the way home from seeing the Kubrick film, ‘ Barry Linden’ (lease said, soonest mended). So what does the EdFest have in store for …Read More

Review The Globe’s production of The Tempest *****

The Globe’s production of The Tempest is available: As a DVD from Amazon UK  for £13.36 / ~$20.00. It does not seem to be available in the USA The Tempest can also be streamed from The Globe Player for £5.99 / ~$9.00 or purchased and downloaded as an MP4 for £9.99 / ~$15.00 Prices are indicative – check the actual price at the Vendors’ links above. Our Bottom Line: An extraordinary performance, everything one hopes …Read More

Review: Twelfth Night (*****) Trevor Nunn

Twelfth Night is available for streaming from Amazon.com for $8.99 DVD of Twelfth Night available from Amazon.co.uk for £3.99 DVD of Twelfth Night available from Amazon.com from  $15.74 Note that prices quoted are indicative and subject to change. Check the prices on the Vendors’ pages at the links above. Our Bottom Line: This is a really fantastic version of this play. It isn’t the most accurate; if you’re looking to study it, go and …Read More

Review: Othello (*****) BBC Shakespeare Collection

The BBC’s Shakespeare Collection production of Othello is available: – For streaming from Ambrose Digital ($25 / £16) – If you live in the UK, you can buy Othello (and 10 other Shakespeare Tragedies) for £19.99 for streaming / download. from the new BBC Store (more about this new BBC store later). – For streaming from Amazon.com ($1.99 / ~£1.25) – As a DVD from Amazon.co.uk for  £18.93 (£9.90 used) / Note that prices quoted …Read More

Review: The Globe Production of Henry IV Part I (****)

The Globe’s production of Henry IV Part I is available: – For streaming from The Globe Player (£6 /~ $9) – For purchase and download as an MP4 from The Globe Player (£10 / ~$15) – As a DVD from Amazon.co.uk for  £20 / ~$30.00 and from Amazon.com  for $19.59 Note that prices quoted are indicative and subject to change. Check the prices on the Vendors’ pages at the links above.  If you want to know …Read More

Event: Shakespeare @ Edinburgh International Festival, 2016

The programme for the Edinburgh International Festival has been published, and booking is open. Tickets can be purchased online at: https://www.eif.co.uk/. This year, the Festival will run from 5th – 29th August. Note that this is the Edinburgh International Festival, not ‘The Fringe’ for which the programme has not yet been published. The Fringe programme should be available on 6th June, and will run on the same dates. It’s 2016, and the …Read More