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Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh Festival 2016 Opens

It’s August so the Edinburgh International Festival – and the Fringe – opened this week-end. Of course, a bit like the Olympics, a few shows had already started before the official opening. We saw the official light show which opened the Festival, lighting up the castle, on the way home from seeing the Kubrick film, ‘ Barry Linden’ (lease said, soonest mended). So what does the EdFest have in store for …Read More

Event: Shakespeare @ Edinburgh International Festival, 2016

The programme for the Edinburgh International Festival has been published, and booking is open. Tickets can be purchased online at: https://www.eif.co.uk/. This year, the Festival will run from 5th – 29th August. Note that this is the Edinburgh International Festival, not ‘The Fringe’ for which the programme has not yet been published. The Fringe programme should be available on 6th June, and will run on the same dates. It’s 2016, and the …Read More

Edinburgh Festival is underway – the shows to see!!!

The Edinburgh Festivals starts today – both Fringe and International Festival. We are not reviewing shows this year – there’s no Shakespeare in the International Festival, and in the Fringe, the quality is always rather erratic. Besides, we’re very busy working on preparing to launch our MFFE Version 5.00, with support for Parts and Cues, etc (Twelfth Night and Henry IV Part I have been upgraded to V5 last week, and a good …Read More

Global Theatre: Edinburgh International Festival programme announced

The programme of the Edinburgh International Festival was announced yesterday (17th March), and today we give you what we see as some of  its hightlights. Of course, the Edinburgh International Festival is only one part of the artistic festivals running in Edinburgh in August. We also have to cover the Edinburgh Fringe; the Book Festival; the Jazz Festival; the Cinema Festival; etc., etc. This article only covers the International Festival. …Read More