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Merry Wives of Windsor: Falstaff soliloquy (to Brook) in A3S5

In this scene, Falstaff tells Brook (Master Ford in disguise) how he was very nearly caught by Master Ford, trying to seduce Mistress Page. Luckily for him, Mistresses Ford and Page, hid him in a buckbasket (a laundry basket) and two servants took him in the buckbasket and threw him and the dirty clothes into the Thames. Of course, the scene is much funnier when Brook is present desparately hiding …Read More

Introduction to the Play – Hamlet

“Let me entreat, and beseech, and adjure, and implore you not to write an essay on Hamlet. In the catalogue of a library which is very dear to me, there are about four hundred titles of separate editions, essays, commentaries, lectures, and criticisms of this sole tragedy, and I know that this is only the vanguard of the coming years.” Horace Howard Furness, 1833 – 1912 By the 1990s the …Read More

The Merry Wives of Windsor Cast List for 9 players

This cast list provides parts for 9 players to read The Merry Wives of Windsor. Each player selects the Player No they’ve been allocated, and can choose to read their parts in  Highlit text format, or Parts and Cues, as the prefer; The castt lists are as follows: Player 1: (Falstaff) Highlit Text or Parts and Cues Player 2: (Mistress_Quickly, Slender, John) Note: Player 2 talks to themselves once in A3S4 Highlit Text …Read More

Playreading Report: Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2

I’ve been editing Macbeth this last little while, to get it ready for our Play of the Month. We only do minimal editing: modernising spelling, punctuation, and implementing ‘shared lines’. But in Macbeth, the verse lines are often irregular; the shared lines complex; and it makes it difficult to decide how to present it. I’m sure we haven’t got it exactly right, but I hope what we’ve done is usable – and …Read More

Published Edinburgh Play-reading reports

Introduction: Here in Edinburgh, we run monthly play-readings of a Shakespeare play from September through April of each year. We also publish play-reading reports which summarise how it went for us. This page provides a list of our recent play-reading reports. Click on the title to see the report. If you want to keep up-to-date with the play-reading reports, new plays and scenes we publish, including our ‘Play of the Month’, …Read More

Let’s play: Prince Hal, Henry IV, and Hotspur

Recently, we looked at the relationships between Henry IV, Prince Hal, and Falstaff in Henry IV Part I. You can read that set of articles at the following link: Let’s Play Falstaff, Prince Hal, and Henry IV. One might summarise those relationships as two old men competing to be ‘father’ to Prince Hal. Henry IV, guilt-ridden for supplanting Richard II, offers his son little love, but lots of judgement. Falstaff, whilst …Read More