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Players-Shakespeare.com: An Overview, March ’18

Our use of Facebook: In 2018, Players-Shakespeare.com plans to encourage people and organisations to use our web-site www.players-shakespeare.com to explore Shakespeare’s texts by play-reading; using “Let’s Explore”; and “Let’s Play” and other functions provided by that web-site. It  is supported by the WordPress content management system.   We use standard Facebook posts to encourage you to visit our web-site. We do not use apps in any form for our Facebook …Read More

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Cast lists for play-readings, etc

If you want to play-read A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Players-Shakespeare.com provides playreading castings for 2 to 12 playreaders – and for 20. We like to make sure that the smallest part is 100 lines or more, and with up to 11 playreaders, we’re there. However, we think the play probably works best with a cast of 8 (everyone has at least one principal character) so it might be an idea to invite  8 …Read More

Shakespeare Adaptations for play-reading or production

We publish adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, either in .pdf format or our own internal MFFEV5 format, and they meet our editorial standards. The usual licence we use is a Creative Commons Version 3 licence, though adaptations in our own format, with support for cues scripts, cast lists, highlight text, etc., are copyright ourselves, and the adapter. At the moment these are free, but in the future we may charge for …Read More

Chimes at Midnight – a radio play

We were very pleased to discover that someone else has been interested enough in  Orson Welles’ Chimes at Midnight, that they’ve made an adaptation of the play – this time for Radio. I read the script, and found it very interesting how they had faced the same problems as I had when adapting it for Gentlemen of the Shade , and come up with similar, but different solutions. . The author has agreed that …Read More

Henry IV Part 1: Cast list for 7 players

The table below provides the cast list for King Henry IV Part 1  for 7 players. Click on the Player No. that you have been given, and you will be taken to a script in Highlight text for your characters, and starting at Act One Scene One: . 1: Falstaff, Lady_Percy,  1_Carrier 2: Hotspur, Peto 3: Prince Hal, Ostler 4: King_Henry_IV, Douglas, Gadshill, Sheriff, Servant Note:  Player 4 talks to themselves twice …Read More

Players-Shakespeare.com Privacy Policy

In various places through-out the Players-Shakespeare.com web-site, you may be asked to provide your email address and / or telephone number. Players-Shakespeare.com may use this information to: Deliver information you have requested / bought from Players-Shakespeare.com Make telephone calls to you as part of a communications program where you have initiated the communications Let you know of developments with the Players-Shakespeare.com web-site (e.g. Newsletters) Players-Shakespeare.com will not: Sell your email …Read More