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How Shakespeare helps children – and adults

Recently, on a Facebook group called ‘Fans of Shakespeare’ Alexandeer Kuskis shared a post called ‘How Music and Shakespeare turned around a failing school’ (See the original article:  How Music and Shakespeare turned around a failing school).  It brought an instantaneous comment from me: “Yes! In Venezuela, ‘Sisetma’ has done wonders with kids through Classical Music, and I’ve seen children from 8 – 15 respond magnificently to Shakespeare.” . In this post, …Read More

As You Like It: Cast list for 12 players

  The table below provides the cast list for As You Like It for 12 players. Click on the Player No. that you have been given, and you will be taken to a script in Highlight text for your characters, and starting at Act One Scene One: . 1: Rosalind 2: Silvius, Duke Frederick, Dennis 3: Touchstone, Adam, Lord 4: Oliver, First Lord, Sir Oliver Martext 5: Le Beau, William, Second Lord …Read More

As You Like It – Cast List

List of Characters (in Alphabetical Sequence) ADAM Servant to Oliver AMIENS Lord attending on Duke Senior – leads the singing AUDREY A goat-herd CELIA Daughter to Duke Frederick CHARLES Duke Frederick’s wrestler CORIN Shepherd in the Forest of Arden DENNIS Servant to Oliver DUKE FREDERICK Duke Senior’s brother who has usurped his dominions DUKE SENIOR Rosalind’s father, living in Arden Forest FIRST LORD FIRST PAGE HYMEN The God of marriage …Read More

Introduction to As You Like It

Introduction: The Play: As You Like It was probably first performed in 1599 in the newly-opened ‘Globe Theatre. It’s next performance was probably for King James in 1603. There is then a gap of 120 years until it is played again, when Charles Johnson produced a comedy, substantially based on ‘As You Like It‘ but containing material from the other comedies. From then on, throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth …Read More

Video Readings

You can use this menu to: View Video Readings that we have published. You can select Video Readings that you want to watch by selecting them from a scrollable list of Video Readings. Submit a Video Reading  to the current Video Reading competition to see if you can win a cash prize. Prize-winning Video Readings will also be published on the web-site

Merry Wives of Windsor: Falstaff soliloquy (to Brook) in A3S5

In this scene, Falstaff tells Brook (Master Ford in disguise) how he was very nearly caught by Master Ford, trying to seduce Mistress Page. Luckily for him, Mistresses Ford and Page, hid him in a buckbasket (a laundry basket) and two servants took him in the buckbasket and threw him and the dirty clothes into the Thames. Of course, the scene is much funnier when Brook is present desparately hiding …Read More