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Help with watching a Globe Shakespeare Production wherever you are

Following the launch of the Globe Player which lets you  stream Globe productions to your home, we are launching a service which helps you select the show you want to watch (you don’t want to spend 3 hours watching a not very good show), and then helps you watch it.

In the words of the song, we offer you ‘Three Steps to Heaven’:

Step 1: Select the  show you want to watch
Step 2: Select the way you want to watch it
Step 3: Watch the show

We will explore each of these three steps below, in enough detail, we hope, for you to start watching a Globe production. At the moment, we have a selection of 8 shows for you to watch. But come back soon (bookmark this page). We’ll be adding more shows to the table below, as fast as possible – probably around two a week.

Step 1: Which show should you watch?

Our ‘Pick of the Week:

 Our ‘Pick of the Week’ is Henry IV Part I.  It has always been one of our favourite Shakespearean plays with the incomparable Falstaff. We’ve published our review of this show this week, and it appears that Roger Allam excels as Falstaff.  You can read the review by clicking on the link above.

Other productions we can help you watch:

If Henry IV Part I is not your bag, you’ll find below a list of all the shows that we can currently help you choose from.

The Rating of a show, in the usual manner  tells you in summary what we think of the show ( * = poor; ***** = excellent; ????? not reviewed yet)

You can click on the Production Title (A Midsummer Night’s Dream; The Tempest; etc)  and a new tab will open up in your browser with our description  of the production, where you can get it, and our review.

RatingProduction TitleTheatreDirectorLeading Actors
****Henry IV Part IIThe GlobeDominic DromgoolePrince Hal : Jamie Parker
Falstaff : Roger Allam
Henry IV : Oliver Cotton
****Henry IV Part IThe GlobeDominic DromgooleFalstaff: Roger Allam
Prince Hal: Jamie Parker
King Henry IV: Oliver Cotton
****Henry VIIIThe GlobeMark RosenblattHenry VIII : Dominic Rowan
Anne Bullen : Miranda Raison
Queen Katherine: Kate Duchene
Cardinal Wolsey : Ian McNeice
****MacbethThe GlobeEve BestMacbeth: Joseph Millson
Lady Macbeth: Samantha Spiro
****OthelloThe GlobeWilson MilamOthello: Eamonn Walker
Iago: Tim McInnerny
Desdemona: Zoe Tapper
****The Taming of the ShrewThe GlobeToby FrowKatherina : Samantha Spiro
Petruchio: Simon Paisley Day
****Henry VThe GlobeDominic DromgooleHenry V: Jamie Parker
Katherine: Olivia Ross
****Twelfth NightThe GlobeTim CarrollOlivia: Mark Rylance
Malvolio: Stephen Fry
****Much Ado About NothingThe GlobeJeremy HerrinBeatrice: Eve Best
Benedick: Charles Edwards
****Love's Labour's LostThe GlobeDominic DromgoolePrincess of France : Michelle Terry
Berowne : Trystan Gravelle
***Alls Well That Ends WellThe GlobeJohn DoveHelena: Ellie Piercy
Bertram: Sam Crane
King of France: Sam Cox
***As You Like ItThe GlobeThea SharrockRosalind: Naomi Frederick
Orlando: Jack Laskey
***Romeo and JulietThe GlobeDominic DromgooleRomeo : Adetomiwa Edun
Juliet : Ellie Kendrick
?????Merry Wives of WindsorThe GlobeChristopher LuscombeFalstaff: Christopher Benjamin
Mistress Page: Serena Evans
Mistress Ford: Sarah Woodward

This lets you browse our reviews of the various shows, by clicking on the Production Titles. When you’ve made up your mind which show you want to watch, then it’s time to move on to Step 2.

Step 2: How should you watch it?

When you’ve chosen a show you want to watch, click on the Production Title in the list above, and a new tab will open with the details of the show. The first section of our review will tell you the formats in which you can purchase the show, and how  much they cost.

The main ways you can watch a Globe show at home are:

  • You can stream the show to your home using the Globe Player
  • You can ‘buy’ the show on the Globe Player, and download it as an MP4 to your environment and play it with any technology that will play MP4s (includes PCs, tablets, Apple technology and some TVs). Not that DigitalTheatre.com also offer this option, but so far we’ve been unable to make it work, and so we can’t recommend it yet.
  • You can ‘buy’ a copy of the production as an MP4, and download it to your PC and play it locally on your PC or a TV that reads MP4 files (more on this soon)
  • You can stream the show to your home using DigitalTheatre.com
  • You can buy a DVD

Not all formats are available for all shows. Our  review pages show which formats are available for each productions, how much they cost, and provide a link to the vendors’ products.

Note that there are some differences between the Globe Player and DigitalTheatre.com streaming services. The Globe Player’s shows are sometimes a little more expensive. The Globe Player lets you watch the streamed show over 7 days; DigitalTheatre.com usually let you stream a show over 24 hours.

Click on the link for the format you want to purchase and you’ll be taken to the Vendor’s (The Globe Player, DigitalTheatre.com, or Amazon) page where you can purchase it in Step 3, below.

Step 3: Watch the show!

How you watch the show, depends on what you’ve purchased:

  • If you’ve bought a DVD, wait for it to arrive, then stick it in your DVD player and off you go.

  • Watching a streaming show from The Globe Player or DigitalTheatre.com is pretty similar (we suspect it’s the same underlying technology). For it to work, you need to have a fairly fast broadband connection. If you’re already streaming other video services (e.g. BBC iPlayer) you’ve probably got a good enough connection. You can also try streaming free content from The Globe Player to test if your connection is fast enough. Once you’re happy then you can start to watch a show:

    • First, you need to decide whether you want to rent the show for one-off streaming, or whether you want to ‘buy’ the show, in which case you can watch it as many times as you like. In addition, on The Globe Player, you can give a copy of a show to a friend. On DigitalTheatre.com you can buy (at additional cost) an HD version of the show.

    • Next, you need to log-in to your account with the supplier, or create an account if you’ve never used it before. Both services use a User-ID and Password to let you access the content you’ve bought.

    • Thirdly you need to buy the show you want.

    • Then you can watch the purchased show.

  • Shows you have purchased will normally stream to the technology (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) you’ve made the purchase on. If you want to watch the show on your High Definition TV, there are a number of options worth exploring.

    • If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, and you have a Google Chromecast dongle (£30 in UK,  $30 in USA) attached to your TV, you can ‘cast’ the show from your PC to the TV.  After you’ve started casting, remember to make the show full-screen on your PC, and it will be shown full-screen on your TV

    • If you’re in Apple Land, it seems pretty likely that Apple TV (£69 in UK, $90 in USA) should do the same thing, but it might be worth getting the Apple salesman to show you it working before you buy. We already have a Chromecast,  so we use  an app, TVCast (Chrom), on our Apple iPad to cast content from The Globe Player to our TV via the iPad. There are other apps available which do the same thing. You can find these apps. on the iPad Apps store.

    • Amazon have a streaming TV option, the Amzaon Fire TV (£79 in UK, $99 in USA). However, we are not sure if this will allow you to stream The Globe Player, or DigitalTheatre.com shows to your TV. It seems to be aimed at the Amazon Prime service. Perhaps someone from Amazon will be kind enough to tell us whether it works with The Globe Player, and with DigitalTheatre.com

Step 4: Lie back and enjoy it:

There isn’t really a step 4. If you’ve followed our instrucctions,  the show is playing and you’re enjoying it.

Congratulations!!! Enjoy the show!!! And when you want to watch another great Globe production, don’t forget to come back to select your next show from our Globe Player Help page – with over 750 ‘likes’, it’s proving popular.

Bookmark it now!!!

‘The Director’

To find out what we do, and what’s new on Players-Shakespeare.com, visit the Home Page

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A free MFFE version for Apple iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets and Smartphones, Kindles and for printing
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