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Hamlet MFFE Version 2.20 Playreading / Production Pack for 6 – 10 readers

Please note that we charge for playreading castcards. If you want to try castcards in a playreading to see how they work, we provide free Playreading Packs for three plays: King Lear, Twelfth Night, and Henry IV part I.

What this product is:

A Playreading Pack for Hamlet consisting of Players-Shakespeare.com’s playreading castcards for Hamlet for 6 – 10 readers supplied in pdf format. In addition, and supplied for free, the  Modern First Folio Edition (MFFE) of  Hamlet in three versions for reading on Apple iPads & iPhones, Android Tablets & Smartphones (epub), Kindles (azw3) and for reading with Adobe Reader (pdf) and for printing on US letter or European A4 paper. Other epub e-readers may read the epub version supplied.

What the play is about:

Hamlet tells the story of a vacillating young prince whose father has been murdered, and comes as a ghost to tell Hamlet to avenge his murder. Hamlet’s mother has married the murderer, Hamlet’s uncle, and Hamlet is disgusted by human sexuality and rejects his girlfriend, Ophelia. He finds it difficult to revenge his father’s death.

After murdering Ophelia’s father, and Ophelia’s suicide, Laertes (Ophelia’s brother) and Hamlet fight, leading to the death of pretty much everyone.

What you can use this product for:

This version of Hamlet provides a licence for use of the castcards and script in a play-reading or production.