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Players-Shakespeare.com Guidelines for reading an MFFE play

A Guide to Editing Modern First Folio Plays - shopWhat this product is:

The Guidelines to Reading a Modern First Folio Edition Play provides the reader with Guidelines on how to interpret a Shakespeare Modern First Folio play.

Four main areas are covered in the Guidelines:

How to interpret the punctuation of the First Folio to influence how speeches are phrased


How to interpret the capitalisation of the First Folio to influence which words are stressed

An introduction to Blank Verse and how to make sense of it

Shakespeare’s guide to the players – through the words of Hamlet

This Guide has been derived, to a large extent, from the work of Peter Hall in “Shakespeare’s Advice to the Players” and John Barton’s “Playing Shakespeare”. We hope it provides an introduction to get you going with reading the Modern First Folio, but if you want to take things further, we recommend you read one or both of these books.

At the moment the Guidlines are precisely that – guidelines. We plan to add examples to make things clearer at some stage, but at the moment they’re not there.

The Guidelines are provided as a .pdf file.