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Feste is forgiven and Olivia falls in love (6 players)

Let’s play A1S5 of Twelfth Night, where Feste returns to Olivia’s household, and is forgiven his absence, and Olivia falls in love with Viola, disguised as Cesario. This is one of my favourite scenes from Twelfth Night. It isn’t a high-comedy scene, but has a quiet humour which introduces a number of the key players to the audience

All players start in Highlit Text format, but may individually change to Parts and Cues format if they wish.

Each player needs their own tablet, smartphone,  or laptop, with a web browser.  The experience  is probably best on a tablet, then a smartphone, and then a laptop. The main advantages of the tablet and smartphone are: the touchscreen which makes scrolling easier, and the full-screen presentation of the text.

The players in this scene are as follows:

After each player has beem allocated a role, they should click on the link for the appropriate Player No., which will take them to A1S5 of the play, with their role(s) highlit in colour

When everyone has selected their role, let the reading commence.

When you’ve read the play, there’s a number of things you can do:

If you want to understand better how to use our MFFEV5 CloudReader, read:


‘The Director’,
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