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Friends fall out (The Tempest A3S2)

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The humour of  Act 2 Scene 2 of The Tempest continues in the next scene where Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano are shown, Act 3 Scene 2. Here, the trouble-maker Ariel, makes the drunken conspirators fall out.



To play this scene each  of the four players needs their own tablet, smartphone,  or laptop, with a web browser.



The four roles, with links to their scripts, can be found below:



1: Stephano
2: Trinculo
3: Caliban
4: Ariel


When each player has clicked on the appropriate link, and got to his script, play the scene right to the end.



If you’ve enjoyed playing that scene, why not try some of the others scenes you can play? Click on one of the scenes in the list below:

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A2S1: Sebastian and Antonio are tempted (5 players)
A2S2: Caliban discovers new gods (3 players):
A3S2: Friends fall out (4 players):
A4S1: Magic and Masque at Miranda and Ferdinand’s nuptials (5 players)



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