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Global Theatre Event Diary

Visit the UK’s best theatres, (and the BBC)  from your local cinema around the world:

Many of the UK’s best theatres (including the National Theatre, The Globe, and the Royal Shakespeare Company now broadcast live (and recorded or encore)  performances around the world, in a  similar way to ‘Live at the Met’ for opera.

The network of cinemas taking these broadcasts is still growing. The National Theatre (NT-Live) probably has the best established network, but The Globe and the RSC networks are rapidly growing.

You can check whether you can get their broadcasts at a cinema near you at the following:

In addition, you can stream UK Shakespeare and other theatre shows direct to your PC or your Internet-enabled TV from two main players:

The Globe Player lets you view around 17 productions from The Globe currently: comedies; tragedies; and histories. There’s a charge of around £4 / $6 to view a show, or you can pay around twice that amount (£8 / $12) to own a copy of the show, or give a copy to a friend.

As well as the standard productions by the Globe, there are also around 29 productions from The Globe on Globe’s 2012 Festival in European languages; Middle Eastern Languages; Far Eastern Languages; and varieties of Spanish.

DigitalTheatre.com stream theatre shows to your PC or Internet-connected TV from UK Theatres  including the Globe (and dance and opera), so you can enjoy Shakespeare and other playwrights in the comfort of your own home at a time and date of your choosing.

We also plan to track the BBC – particularly their Shakespeare productions (e.g. The Hollow Crown). These tend to be taken up by local TV broadcasters and are then broadcast in their local region.

But now the important bit – What shows can you see? The following table shows the shows from the three main theatres for  2015:

Date fromProducerChannelShowFormatLocation
02/26/2015The GlobeOncreen (from the new Sam Wannamaker theatre)The Duchess of Malfi (with Gemma Arterton)BroadcastGlobal Cineams
03/04/2015RSCOnscreenMuch Ado About NothingBroadcastGlobal Cinemas
03/26/2015The GlobeOnscreenTitus AndronicusBroadcastGlobal Cinemas
03/28/2015The GlobeOnscreenMacbethBroadcastCanadian Cinemas
04/9/2015The GlobeOnsreenTitus AndronicusEncoreGlobal Cinemas
04/11/2015The GlobeOnscreenA Midsummer Night's DreamBroadcastCanadian Cinemas
04/16/2015National TheatreTheatreThe Hard ProblemLiveNational Theatre
04/30/2015The GlobeOnscreenJulius CaesarBroadcastGlobal Cinemas
05/14/2015National TheatreTheatreMan and SupermanLiveNational Theatre
06/04/2015The GlobeOnscreenAnthony and CleopatraBroadcastGlobal Cinema
06/18/2015The GlobeOnscreenAnthony and CleopatraEncoreGlobal Cinemas
06/25/2015The GlobeOnscreenThe Comedy of ErrorsBroadcastGlobal Cinemas
09/02/2015RSCOnscreenHenry VthBroadcastGlobal Cinemas

Note that the dates shown are mostly the first date that the shows will be on . For the actual dates of broadcast you need to check with your local cinema.

This development, gives audiences around the world the opportunity to see world-class shows (and not only Shakespeare) from the prime theatres of the UK. We thoroughly recommend you puts some dates in your diary and go and try them out.

We plan to keep this diary up-to-date,  so come back to see more, and don’t forget to book shows as soon as they become available in your area. Here in the UK, one needs to book within a few days of a show date being announced!!!


The Director
(Find our web-site by Googling ‘Shakespeare MFFE’)

4 Responses to "Global Theatre Event Diary"

  • Paddy O'Keeffe
    July 28, 2014 - 3:44 pm Reply

    Displaying dates as MM/DD/YY is very confusing. This may be the convention in the US, but not here (UK). Please stop doing it!

    • Richard Forsyth
      July 29, 2014 - 11:45 am Reply

      We have more readers in the USA than we do in the rest of the English-speaking world. We prefer to confuse the minimum number of people.
      In an ideal world we would be able to display date based on where the user is located, but so far we have been unable to find a way of doing this.
      We live in hope of finding such a solution one day.
      The Director
      P.S. I find it helpful to think Month Name, Day, Year (e.g. July 29th, 2014) and suddenly the date format doesn’t seem so strange

      • Paddy O'Keeffe
        July 29, 2014 - 12:04 pm Reply

        Dear Richard,
        Thank you for your considered response. Please keep trying!
        ps Greatly enjoyed “Dream” last night.

        • Richard Forsyth
          July 29, 2014 - 9:31 pm Reply

          Dear Paddy,

          First – the Dream was excellent!!! I hope you read our review.

          Back to the date issue.
          My pleasure, and thanks for yours too.
          We will keep trying, and if anyone out there knows how you can find out in WordPress the geographical location of a visitor to a page, or even better, the preferred date format on their browser, please let us know how we can tailor our dates to meet individual users preferences.

          Thanks in anticipation.

          The Director

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