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Global Theatre

Increasingly, theatre is becoming an international business. International tele-communications enable theatre to be produced in ways undreamed of just a few years ago.

Many theatre-lovers are still unaware that they can see theatre productions live from the London and RSC stages in the comfort of their own cinemas around the globe. If you haven’t experienced this, we recommend you give it a try. It will give you an experience which takes the best of cinema and the best of live theatre, from the best of UK companies.

The help we offer you to take advantage of this Global Theatre includes:

(If you want to add your global theatre events to this diary, email TheDirector@Players-Shakespeare.com).

Nearly all these events are available here in Edinburgh, so we plan to review as many as is possible. We’ll try and get them up the same day, so that if your local show is later than ours, you’ll be able to read a review before you go.

We also believe that play-readings are going to experience a global revival, and the rest of this web-site provides support for Shakespeare play-reading groups. We incorporate our play-readings  into our diary of global theatre events.

For those of you running play-reading groups we also offer support:

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