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What does the Globe Player let you do?

The Globe recently released The Globe Player , which lets you view or buy one of their productions for £4 / $6 (rent) or £8 / $12 (buy). We have published a Help page which helps you Choose and Watch a Globe production wherever you are.

The Player  lets you view around 17 productions from The Globe currently: comedies; tragedies; and histories. There’s a charge of around £4 / $6 to view a show, or you can pay around twice that amount (£8 / $12) to own a copy of the show, or give a copy to a friend.

You’ll find pages on around eight of these shows on this page, and we’ll add the remaining shows as fast as we can. Some of them have our considered review on whether a show’s worth watching. For other shows, we still have to do the review, but you can see where you can get hold of the show, and how much it costs. We plan to review all the shows over the next couple of months, so bookmark this page and come back and check the new reviews out.

As well as the standard productions by the Globe, there are around 29 productions from The Globe on Globe’s 2012 Festival in European languages; Middle Eastern Languages; Far Eastern Languages; and varieties of Spanish.

There is also free content including recordings of individual sonnets in various locations, as well as interviews with key figures in the Shakespeare world, such as John Barton, Harold Bloom, Ian McKellan, Judi Dench, and Ewan Magregor under the title Muse of Fire.

The ways you can view UK Theatre (Shakespeare and others), Dance, and Music gets more and more complicated. We have a page which summarises the various options that we are aware of. You can find it at the Global Theatre Event Diary. And we offer a Globe Player Help page where you’ll find the shows and the reviews.

 We think your best option for seeing what’s available is to visit our Globe Player Help Page. On that page, you’ll see a pic. of each production. Click on the pic to go to an article about that production, and in what formats it is available. For those shows we have already reviewed, there will be a ***** rating in the title, with from 1 to 5 stars in the conventional manner. Not all productions have been reviewed yet, but we plan to review two a week. Coming shortly are Henry Vth and The Taming of the Shrew.

We plan to offer support to your use of The Globe Player  by providing ratings and reviews of the shows available, as well as allowing you to provide your reviews (coming shortly). Theses reviews shouldo help you choose the show you want to watch in the comfort of your own home. It will take some time before we’ve covered all their shows, but you can see the reviews that are already available on our:

 Globe Player Help page.

For help in choosing and watching a Globe Production, see  our Help page which helps you Choose and Watch a Globe production wherever you are.

To find out what we do, and what’s new on Players-Shakespeare.com, visit the Home Page

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