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Hamlet (10 players) pre-configured MFFEV5 playreading

If you want to get straight to Shakespeare’s words, instead of ours, click on the following link: Hamlet.

Hamlet is such an iconic play, that I don’t think there’s any reason for me to explain why you might want to playread it. When you decide to go ahead with a Hamlet play-reading, Players-Shakespeare.com provides playreading castings for 7 to 12 playreaders, but we have decided to pre-configure  the casting for 10 players.  So, on the sidebar to the right, you’ll find castings for 8, 9, and 10 players – in case you get 1 or 2 no-shows on the day.

If you have a smaller or larger group of readers, each player can always configure the MFFEV5 Cloud Reader for the appropriate number of readers , using the Cloud Reader configurator (click on the ‘gearwheel’ at the top of the script window).

If it’s a bit too difficult to get enough people together to play the whole play, we’ve pre-configured four scenes for you to play with 3 – 4 players. You’ll find the castings for these scenes on the sidebar to the right. Each of the scenes shows something interesting about the play:

  • A2S1 How Polonius treats his children (3 players):
    This scene convinces me that Polonius is not the bumbling, amusing old fool he’s usually portrayed as. But how do you explain why he treats Laertes and Ophelia so badly?
  • A5S2 Hamlet with Osric (3 players):
    This short, humourous, scene comes between the high drama of Ophelia’s burial, and the duel between Hamlet and Laertes, leading to the daths of half the cast. I think it serves a similar function to the Porter’s scene in Macbeth.
  • A3S4: Hamlet berates his mother (3 players):
    How boys (and girls, perhaps) treat their mothers!
  • A3S1: Hamlet and Ophelia fight (4 players):
    Young lovers have a fight. It is truly awful to see how Hamlet makes Ophelia suffer!

If you need more help to get going have a look at Help with “Let’s Play”

After each player has beem allocated a role, they should click on the link for the appropriate Player No., which will take them to the first scene of the play. When everyone has selected their role, let the reading commence.

When you’ve read the play, there’s a number of things you can do:

If you want to understand better how to use our MFFEV5 CloudReader, read:


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