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Let’s Play: Hamlet tells off his mother

Let’s play A3S4 of Hamlet, where Hamlet tells off his mother more than somewhat – even the Ghost tells him off – and kills Polonius.  Hamlet has had his suspicions confirmed that Claudius, his step-father, is complicit in Hamlet’s father’s murder when he reacts guiltily to the Players’ playing of ‘The Mousetrap’.  After rejecting the idea of killing Claudius at his prayers, he goes to visit his mother. Polonius has hidden himself behind the arras before Hamlet arrives:


Click on the link for the part you’re playing from the following list:


Note that the player who is playing Polonius and The Ghost has their script in standard script format, so they can see the lines for their parts and the Queen and Hamlet, so that if the Queen or Hamlet ‘get lost’ he can act as prompt for them.

If you need help, check out our Help with “Let’s Play”.
When everyone has selected their role, “beginners on stage, houselights down, curtains up!”
Play to the end of the scene.

After you’ve read the scene you can do a number of things:

If you want to explore Hamlet in more detail:

If you want to understand better how our MFFEV5 CloudReader scripts work, read:


The Director,
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