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Hamlet Cast list for 6 players

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This cast list provides parts for 6 players to read Hamlet Each player selects the Player No they’ve been allocated, and  they can read their parts online in  Highlit text format or Parts and Cues, as they prefer.


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To read your part  on the Internet, click on your Player No. below:

Player 1: (Hamlet, Servant)

Player 2: (King, Marcellus, Player_Prolog)

Player3: (Polonius, Barnardo, Fortinbras, Player_queen, Other, Messenger, Priest)

Player4: (Horatio, Queen, Player)
Note that the Queen and Horatio talk to each other 4 times in A4S5 and once in A5S1.

Player5: (Ophelia, Rosencranz, Clown, Osric, Voltemand, Reynaldo, Francisco, Lucianus, Sailor)

Player6: (Laertes, Ghost, Player_king, Guildenstern, Ambassador, Captain)

Let’s Play!!!

Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’,

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Play Index & Help

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