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Hamlet Cast list for 7 players

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This cast list allocates different character to 7 players to read Hamlet. You can read these parts online.


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To read your part  on the Internet, click on your Player No. below:


Player 1:  (Hamlet, Servant)

Player 2: (King, Barnardo)

Player3: (Polonius, Osric, Other, Messenger, Player_prolog, Captain)

Player4: (Horatio, Queen)
Note that the Queen and Horatio talk to themselves 4 times in A4S5 and once in A5S1.

Player5: (Ophelia, Ghost, Player, Voltemand, Priest, Ambassador)

Player6: (Laertes, Player_king, Guildenstern, Reynaldo, Francisco)

Player7: (Rosencranz, Clown, Marcellus, Fortinbras, Player_queen, Lucianus, Sailor)

Let’s Play!!!

Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’,

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