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Hamlet is published today in our new format

Today we’re pleased to  publish Hamlet in our latest format. “So what”, I hear you cry, “Aren’t there enough editions of Hamlet already? So what’s new in your edition?”

We think this version of Hamlet let’s you do a number of things which were very difficult to do before:

You can run a play-reading of Hamlet for 6 to 8 playreaders where each reader will be kept busy throughout the playreading. You can read it online or download (for free) epub scripts onto ebook readers from Amazon, Android, Apple or Windows. You can read it in Highlit Text format, Parts and Cues, or Round-robin, or in Standard Text format .

You can run a play-reading of Hamlet for 9 to 12 playreaders, where each player will get at least one ‘principal’ role, on the same mixture of technology in the same formats.

With three of you, you can explore three scenes from Hamlet: A2S1 Polonius and his Children; A3S1 Hamlet fights with Ophelia; A3S4 Hamlet accuses his mother, and create other scenes to playread together in this “Let’s Play” format.

You can explore an individual character, Hamlet for example, or Polonius, etc,  seeing all their lines in Highlit Text format and then in Parts and Cues format, or vice versa.

As well as playing with the play yourselves, there’s things you can read: An Introduction to the play; a review of ‘Hamlet fold on fold’ and Reviews of Maxine Peake’s Hamlet; and the BBC and Derek Jacobi’s Hamlet.

You can also watch the Derek Jacobi Hamlet, by streaming, or on DVD, and we’ll be adding other Hamlets you can watch shortly.

If you want to know how to do all this, there’s a YouTube video which can help you do this. It’s an early draft, so it’s a bit long, but you should learn how to use our Index to the play from it. We plan to add other YouTube videos which cover how to tailor your script using set-up; and one which introduces play-reading techniques. And we plan to publish Hamlet ‘Let’s Play’ scenes with some of our playreading group.

To the right of this picture (by Eric Gill) at the top of this post, you’ll see the index to Hamlet. Click on any of the index entries to explore different aspects of the play.

We’re excited with this latest format of our play editions. We have three plays up already for you to explore: Hamlet, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and All’s Well That Ends Well, and we plan to add at least one play a month in this fomat from now on – we’ll start on Romeo and Juliet next week. You can access them all from our Home Page https://players-shakespeare.com/

We hope you’ll explore what this edition of Hamlet lets you do, and if you’re at all interested, please ‘like’ our Facebook page  at https://www.facebook.com/playersshakespeare/ so you can keep in touch with future  developments.

Let’s Play (Shakespeare)!!!!

Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’

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