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Help Videos for Players-Shakespeare.com

Players-Shakespeare.com provides innovative ways of exploring Shakespeare’s plays. This page provides access to help videos which explain how to use the Players-Shakespeare.com web-site. The latest drafts of help videos are shown below, but they can be improved. If you find something confusing, or that a subject is not covered that you’d like to understand, please let us know by leaving a comment on this post.



The currently available Help Videos are listed below. Click on the Help Video Title to go to the video, and then click on the arrow in the middle of the image: After you’ve watched the Help Video, if you think we could improve it, please tell us how in the ‘comment” box.


How to run a Shakespeare play-reading

How to set-up a play-reading

How to access a Shakespeare play and tailor it to meet your needs

How to use “Let’s Explore”

How to use “Let’s Play”

How to use Video Readings

How use the Play Index

How to translate scenes into other languages

Or you can watch a  playlist of all our Help Videos below:



We hope these Help Videos will help you to be able to use Players-Shakespeare.com to explore Shakespeare’s plays.



Let’s Play,


Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’


If you want to unerstand more about how this web-site can help you explore Shakespeare – and let you explore Shakespeare with a group, go to:




If you want to know how our Shakespeare edition is developing,  ‘like’ our Facebook page, and you’ll get more detailed updates on Facebook on what’s happening.

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