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HELP exploring plays on your phone, etc

Welcome to our latest update to our edition of Shakespeare’s plays which provides access to them on Smartphones (as well as tablets and laptops). We have converted twelve plays to this format, and will convert more over time. Those plays which are converted are shown in green on our home page at: https://players-shakespeare.com/



This new format has a very simple interface, which is appropriate for smartphones, and works well on tablets and laptops as well.


If you want to dive straight in  to understand how to use our innovative support for play-reading: cue scripts; cast lists; round-robin reading; and highlight text, explore the links in the  “Help with using our script pages” section of:

One Hour Romeo and Juliet for young and old


If you prefer to read about it first:

You will use three types of page to access the plays:


The play script page, which lets you read the play, and tailor the script to suit your  needs (Font size; cue script; Highlight text; cast list; etc)


The Index page, which provides links to pages that let you explore the play.


The indexed pages let you: read articles about the play; explore a particular character; play a particular scene; watch video readings; select a cast list for a play-reading; get help; etc.



To access the play, you need to use the following actions:


Press on a button:

The ‘Index / Help’ button which takes you to the Index

The ‘Return to playname’  button which takes you to A1S1 of the script

The A?S? buttons on the script which takes you to a scene in the play.

The set-up botton (a gearwheel on the script) which lets you tailor the script.

Select an Index Entry:

Whilst you are looking at a Play Index, you can choose an index entry by selecting  its title. Index entries are in a number of different sections:

Let’s Explore: which lets you explore characters in the play

Let’s Play: which lets you play scenes in the play with a few friends, each with their own smartphone.

Articles, DVDs, Reviews, Resources:

A variety of different types of article on material relating to the play.

Cast Lists:

A number of cast lists which let you read the play with some friends (usually 2 -12).


Help videos and articles which help you use the system and read Shakespeare better.

When you have finished reading an article, you press  your back button to get back to the index.

Use the back-button (sometimes more than once) to get back to the page you’ve just come from.


That’s it.



We do recommend that you play with the interface now, moving from the script, to the index, to the play-related material, and back to the script. It’s a fun way to explore the play!


If you are excited by our new release, and are using, or thinking of using, Players-Shakespeare.com’s edition of Shakespeare’s plays for production rehearsals, play-readings, or study sessions, why don’t you ask to become a member of our Support for Playreading & Productions Closed FB group?



If you want to know how our Shakespeare edition continues to develop,  ‘like’ our Facebook page, and you’ll get more detailed updates on Facebook on what’s happening.


Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’






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