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‘The most important thing to do with a play, [is] to enjoy it in performance, whether in a reading-aloud, or on a stage, or in the theatre of the mind.’  T.W. Craik, preface to King Henry V, Arden Edition, Third Series.

Players-Shakespeare.com offers help for people who want to ‘play’ Shakespeare. Our approach to Shakespeare’s work is as ‘players’ rather than as students of English literature. Shakespeare was first and foremost a player, and we believe it is instructive (as well as helpful) to approach the plays as players. The help we offer comes in a number of forms:

  • We publish Shakespeare’s plays in two editions:

A Modern First Folio Edition (each play free to download, and available on most E-book readers as well as conventional printable formats).

21st Century editions (again available on most E-book reads as well as conventional printable formats.

  • We offer help to people who want to be part of a play-reading group focused on Shakespeare’s plays,including rehearsed readings with an audience.

  • We offer help to people who want to direct a Shakespeare play, particularly in the areas of play selection, and editing.