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Henry IV Part 1 – Original Cast list for 22 players

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This cast list shows the original cast list for Henry IV Part 1, as it was first performed. It is based on the original cast list in T.J. King’s Casting Shakespeare’s Plays. Select your part by clicking on the Character(s) for your Player No.

Player Character(s)
1 Hotspur
2 Falstaff
3 Prince Hal
4 King Henry IV
5 Worcester
6 Glendower, Archbishop Of York
7 Poins, Vernon
8 Mortimer,  Douglas
9 Westmorland, Gadshill
10 Blunt
11 Northumberland,  Bardoll
12 Lady Percy
13 Hostess
14 Lady Mortimer
Note: No link as no script in play only ‘Lady  speaks in Welsh’ in A3S1
15 1 Carrier, Messenger
16 Francis, 2 Carrier, Messenger 2
17 Chamberlain, Sir Michael
18 Prince John, 1st Treveler, Vintner,
19 Sheriff, Ostler
20 Peto, Attendant1 on King
21 Servant, Attendant2 on King
22 2nd Traveler,  Attendant3 on King

Note: No speeches



When everyone has selected their Player No…


Let’s play!


Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’


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