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How our script pages work together

One Hour Romeo and Juliet Index and Help

The way you read a play on Players-Shakespeare.com uses on three different pages:

  • The Script page which lets you read the whole play, by pressing on the A?S? buttons at the top and bottom of the script, to move from scene to scene.
  • The Index page which lets you select the Cast List page for the number of players you are playing with (and a lot of other pages which tell you more about the play).
  • The Cast List page, which will let you select which character(s) you’re playing, and the format you want to see the script (Cue Script, or Highlight Text).

The system has been designed to allow people to read the plays on Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops (Apple equipment works best).

Smartphones have small screens and so we have used three screens to allow you to read the script the way you want to.

The normal starting point is to select, from the Index page, which sort of reading you want to do (reading on your own; a round-robin reading with perhaps 2 – 5 readers; or a Cast List, where each player is allocated a number of characters to read and can choose whether to see the script in CueScript or Highlight Text format.

Clicking on one of the Player Nos will take you to the script in whichever format you chose.


By clicking on the buttons at the top and bottom of each page, you can get back to the Index page or the Script Page.


By clicking on the back button you can get back from Help pages to the Index page.


So, by using the buttons at the top and bottom of each page, and by use of the back button, you can navigate between the three pages and so explore the play.

One Hour Romeo and Juliet Index and Help


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