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How to playread Hamlet

Scroll down this page to get to the YouTube video. Press the right-arrow to start the video. Click on full-screen icon in bottom right-hand-corner.

It was exciting to see how you responded to our launch of e-reader downloads for Apple, Android, Amazon, and Windows last week (see 2017 is here and play-reading is getting easier if you haven’t caught up with that). However, we don’t seem to have done a good job of explaining how you playread the plays we’ve published.

So this week is another launch – this time of YouTube videos which help you use our system. We start with a video which explains our standard index structure, which is key to being able to do some quite exciting things. We’ll be adding more videos on more detailed topis, as soon as we can publish them.

It’s probably too late for an Oscar nomination for this year, and it’s possible we could improve the format of our videos before next year, so if you watch the video, please let us know, in the comments section below the video, how you think it could be improved.

The quality of the text in the video is not perfect. If it’s not good enough, try using the site online, exploring the index as we do in the video. You’ll find Hamlet and the index at the following link: Hamlet. Ideally, display the video on a large screen. It’s also worth watching full-screen and there’s an icon in the bottom right hand corner, which lets you do that. (Esc takes you out of full-screen).  Scroll down until the complete video image is on your screen, and click the red arrow to start.

If you like the video, and want more like that, click on  Players-Shakespeare.com Facebook Page, and ‘like’ that page to get regular Facebook updates on what we’re doing.

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