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Let’s Play: Iago seeds jealousy in Othello (Parts and Cues)

This scene (Act 3 Scene 3) of Othello is perhaps the best scene of malevolent manipulation in the whole of Shakespeare. Iago slowly and delicately moves Othello from a loving husband who trusts his wife, to a situation where he is torn apart by jealousy.  The extract starts from the exit of Cassio, with Iago’s line “Ha, I like not that.” Let’s play it!

The three roles, with links to their scripts, are:
Player 1: Iago (in Parts and Cues format)
Player 2: Othello (in Parts and Cues format)
Player 3: Desdemona (in Highlit Text format, and she needs to scroll down and start reading after the exit of Cassio)

If you need help, check out our Help with “Let’s Play”. When each player has clicked on the appropriate link, and got to his script, play the scene until the entrance of Desdemona and Emilia after Othello’s line “When we do quicken”.

 Now you’ve read this scene, there’s a number of things you can do:

  • Read the scenes again and again, reversing roles, until the speeches sound ‘just right’
  • Tell us how it went by posting on Players-Shakespeare.com’s Facebook page
  • Read Act 3 Scene 4 where Othello questions Desdemona about the handkerchief he gave her. Note that this scene usually requires 4 players, but 3 players can play it, provided one takes the roles of both Clown and Emilia (in Highlit Text mode).
  • Read the whole play by clicking on the following link: Othello
  • Choose another piece for 2 or more players to read from: Playreadings for 2 players
  • Get 6 – 12 friends around and read one of the Shakespeare plays choosing from those available at MFFEV5

If you want to understand better how our MFFEV5 CloudReader scripts work, read:


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