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Julius Caesar: Cast list for 11 players

The table below provides the cast list for Julius Caesar for 11 players. Click on the Characters for the Player No. that you have been given, and you will be taken to a script in Highlight text for your characters, and starting at Act One Scene One:


1: Brutus
2: Cassius
3: Anthony, Trebonius
4: Caesar, Cato, Lepidus, Ghost, Soldier3
5: Casca, Artemidorus, Pindarus, Varrus, Dardanius
6: Portia, 3pleb, Cobbler, Poet, Messenger, Volumnius
7: Decius, Messala, Flavius, 1pleb
8: Marullus, Lucius, Servant, Cinna_the_poet, Strato, Soldier2, Popilius
9: Octavius, Titinius, Ligarius, Cicero, Publius, Carpenter
10: Lucilius, 4pleb, Soothsayer, Cinna,
11: Calphurnia, 2pleb, Metellus, Clitus, Soldier1, Claudius


Let’s play!..

When everyone has selected their Player No., and has the script in front of them -.


Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’


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