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Keep celebrating Shakespeare’s birthday

We know Shakespeare’s birthday is supposed to be 23rd April (St George’s Day 1564), but there’s some doubt as to when he was born and when he died (again supposed to be St George’s Day, but 52 years later). The safest thing to do, is to celebrate all week-end, and you’re pretty sure to cover his real birthday.

Besides, we’re publishing a lot of things you can celebrate with:

Review of BBC Shakespeare Collection – Hamlet:

We publish a review of the BBC Shakespeare Collection version of Hamlet, with Derek Jacobi in the title role, and Claire Bloom and Patrick Stewart supporting as the terrible parents, and Eric Porter as the Ghost of Hamlet’s Dad. It’s around 30 years old, so its a lot older than our reviewer, Caitlin Morris. She isn’t impressed, but she has written a review which is likely to amuse you, with some pointers for other Hamlets. You can find it, and other streaming Shakespeare production at our Great Shows to Watch at Home page. So why not cuddle up on the sofa and watch a Shakespeare production at home this week-end???

Richard III published in our Modern First Folio Edition:

If watching TV is not your bag, why not nestle up with a good book instead??? (Or maybe an e-book on your Kindle / Apple / Android e-reader). We’ve just published Richard III and you can find it, and the other 18 First Folio plays we’ve published, on our Published Plays page, where you can download for free whichever play(s) you prefer in epub, azw3, or pdf formats. This covers nearly all popular e-readers.

And you may have noticed that we’ve now published 19 First Folio plays, which means we’re over half-way there. We reached the top of the mountain with Much Ado About Nothing, and now we’re on the downward slope with Richard III. It should be a steady coast now, until we’ve published them all. At least that’s what we’re hoping.

Improvements to how our web-site works:

If you don’t want to watch a film, and you don’t want to read a book, even if its on an e-reader, then you could spend the week-end exploring Players-Shakespeare.com: reading our reviews of Globe Productions in the Globe Player Help page; or on our Great Shows to watch at home page. Or you could start planning that Shakespeare play-reading group that you’ve always planned to start up. Our Play-reading support page will help you do that.

We’ve noticed that some of you, particularly those outside the UK, have found the way our web-site works a little difficult. It is unashamedly based on the BBC UK’s News web-site, and we think that, once you know it, it’s a very good way of getting to the stories that interest you.

To make it easier for visitors who don’t use the BBC web-site, we’ve introduced a couple of changes:

We’ve changed our Home Page so it’s more conventional, outlining the scope of what you can do on Players-Shakespeare.com, with links to each of the main pages, and a link to a page which outlines how those pages work on PCs / desktops, and tablets. (The site works well on Mobiles – Google says so. So that it doesn’t really need explanation.) If you love our old home page, we haven’t deleted it, you can still find and use it at What’s New.  If you hate our new home page, let us know (you can comment on the page) and we’ll work on it.

We’ve introduced a ‘Help’ page which outlines how each of the main pages works. You can get to that page from Our Main Pages, and from the Home Page, and from the ‘Home’ drop-down menu, and from the ‘Help’ drop-down menu.

I think that’s enough celebrating of Shakespeare’s life (birth and death) now, so on Monday, we’re back to normal.



‘The Director’,

Find out what we do at our Home Page

Have a look at our ‘Great shows to watch at home Page

To stream Globe Shakespeare productions to your home, see our Globe Player Help page

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