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Let’s Play: 3 Romans fantasise about Cleopatra (A2S2, Antony and Cleopatra, 3 players)

A2S2 of Antony and Cleopatra is mostly about Antony and Caesar trying to resolve their conflicts, and ends up with Caesar agreeing to marry his sister, Octavia, to the newly-widowed Antony, in an attempt to cement their relationship. But that’s not what I thinks fun to play.


After the high politics is over, the main players leave the scene, and leave Enobarbus, a Roman based with Antony in Egypt, and Agrippa, and Maecena, two Romans working for Caesar and based in Rome.


The two Rome-based soldiers are keen to get the low-down on what Egypt’s like, and more particularly, whether Cleopatra is as attractive as rumour makes out.


Although it is now completely politically incorrect, I find the scene amusing and entirely true to Early Modern English life, which justifies playing it, he said.


Playing the scene:

The scene requires three players: one each for Maecenas, Enobarbus, and Agrippa.

Links to the three different speaker’s lines are given below. All parts are in Highlit Text format.  Click on one of the following links, to select your part to play:

Each player should scroll down (quite a long way) through the script until the stage direction:

“Flourish. Exit omnes leaving Enobarbus, Agrippa, Maecenas.”

Then play until the end of the scene.


Let’s Play!

Richard Forsyth
‘The Director’

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