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Let’s Play: 4 Young Men in Love (Love’s Labour’s Lost, A4S3, 4 players)

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In Act 4 Scene 3 of Love’s Labour’s Lost, the four young men of Navarre, who, at the beginning of the play, had sworn to deny themselves the company of women whilst they studied, have all fallen in love. And as young men do, they have written poems to their beloveds. Of course, they haven’t admitted to each other that they have fallen in love, but here, the lovers read out their poems, each overheard by the others.

It makes for a scene of humour, playable by four. You’ll find the links to play this scene below.  Play the scene from the beginning until the entry of Jaquenneta and Costard the clown. (You can read on to find Berowne’s discomforting, but you need another two players to get that far.


1: Berowne
2: Ferdinand (King of Navarre)
3: Longaville
4: Dumaine

Let’s Play!


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Love's Labour's Lost - Index

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